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Meet The Harford Glen Staff

  • Howard Eakes,
    Assistant Supervisor of Science
  • Ruth Eisenhour,
    Teacher In Charge
  • Amanda Koss,
    Outdoor Educator
  • Melanie Kane,
    Outdoor Educator
  • Chris Burley,
    Outdoor Educator
  • Pamela Kenley,
  • Kathy Decker,
    Office Manager
  • Tivis Wilson,
    Chief Custodian
  • Craig Hennick,
    Custodian II
  • Jim Donovan,
    Custodian I

Hours of Operation

Rules and Regulations

Trail Map

Directions to Harford Glen



Harford Glen is made available to the public as a courtesy for nature recreation purposes during limited times throughout the year.  Passive activities, such as hiking, bird watching, family outings, picnicking, and nature observation are encouraged at the center.  Activities that are not compatible with or are destructive to the natural environment are prohibited.

  • The violation of any listed regulation shall result in the loss of all privileges by the individual and by the group of which the violator is a member.
  • Opening and closing hours will be strictly enforced.  Knowledge of the correct time is the responsibility of the visitor.  Authorities will be called if you remain on the property after 7:00 PM.
  • Familiarity with Harford Glen/Harford County Public School’s regulations is the responsibility of the visitor.  Harford Glen is a division of Harford County Public Schools.
  • Harford County Public Schools is not responsible for accidents, personal injuries, or loss of personal property.


  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not permitted on this property.
  • Obscene or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Trees, shrubs, tables, and all other property should not be defaced or abused by cutting, climbing, beating, or breaking.
  • Swimming or wading is not permitted in the reservoir, streams, or pond.
  • The water is owned and operated by the Federal Government and fishing and boating are allowed by permit only.  Contact by telephone the Office of Outdoor Recreation (410-278-4124).
  • The use of any building, excluding the outside pavilion, is off limits to anyone other than HCPS student or employee groups. 
  • The stage and fire pit may not be used by anyone other than a Harford Glen staff member. 
  • Firearms, BB guns, paintball guns, bows and arrows, or any other types of weapons are not permitted on the property.
  • Digging of holes for any purpose is prohibited.
  • Camping is not permitted.
  • The riding of bicycles, mini-bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and horses on the property is not permitted.

Public restrooms are located on the ground floor of the Winters Run Building underneath the stairs.  Please help to keep them clean and sanitary and be conscientious when using the water and paper towels.

Children and youth under 16 years of age must be under supervision of a parent or a responsible adult while in the park.

Parking of vehicles is restricted to designated parking areas.  Visitors may use the gravel parking lot by the fishing pond or the paved parking lot behind the dining hall.  Access roads shall not be obstructed by parked vehicles.  Cars are not to be driven or parked on the grass.


  • Harford Glen is a trash-free facility.  Visitors are responsible for packing out their own trash. 
  • Picnic tables are available on a first-come/first-served basis, are not to be moved, and should be left clean for the next party.
  • Charcoal grills provided by the using group are permitted.  Please be sure to thoroughly clean up the area.
  • Games requiring the setting up of nets or driving of stakes should be first cleared with the Harford Glen personnel on duty.
  • The pavilion may be reserved by contacting Harford Glen staff at 410-638-3903.  There is a fee of $100 for each use.

All pets must be on a leash and appropriately constrained.  Pets are not permitted without direct supervision of the owner.


  • Nature trails are maintained for the benefit of all. Tags, markings, signs, etc. are not to be covered, abused or removed.
  • Trees are not to be defaced or abused by cutting, climbing, beating, or breaking.


  • Weekends only beginning the first weekend in April through the last weekend in October, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Over the summer when school is not in session, seven days per week, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, beginning in June after the last day of school for HCPS students and ending in August before school begins for HCPS students.
  • November 1 to March 30: Closed to public; open for school business only.

A general rule to remember is if Harford County Public Schools are in session, then Harford Glen is closed to the public. (BACK TO TOP)



Winters Run Bridge
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