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Counselor Information and Required Forms

Harford Glen Counselor Rules

Counselor Handbook

Counselor Application Late Winter 2019

Counselor Application
Spring 2019







Watch this brief video to hear firsthand from former counselors the benefits and highlights of the Harford Glen counselor program.


Are you a responsible, trustworthy, highly motivated sophomore, junion or senior?

Would you enjoy spending several days in the outdoors, learning about the environment while influencing the lives of fifth grade students?

If so, you would be the perfect candidate for a volunteer counselor position at Harford Glen.


Counselor volunteers must follow all Harford County Public School rules detailed in the current Parent-Student Handbook as well as those which apply to special circumstances at Harford Glen. Failure to comply with the rules may result in serious consequences.

*Each counselor volunteer must submit all applicable forms. He or she is also responsible for notifying all high school teachers and collecting class assignments before the session.

*Counselors may not transport or have in their possession any personal medication or fifth grade student medicines. Talk with your school nurse if you feel an exception needs to be made for your Epi-Pen or inhaler.

*Counselors will spend their study time in the Chickadee counselor area; they will not be outside, on the trails or anywhere else not designated by the Harford Glen leadership.

*The Harford County Public School dress code will be followed at Harford Glen.

*Counselors may not leave Harford Glen for any reason without written permission of a parent/legal guardian on the Dismissal Form. They must sign out in the nurse's office when leaving and sign back in when returning to Harford Glen.

*Counselors will spend their study time and free time in the Chickadee counselor area. During free time, counselors will not be outside, on the trails or anywhere else not designated by the Harford Glen leadership. The Harford County Public School dress code will be followed at Harford Glen. Please dress appropriately for the outdoors.

*Public displays of affection are inappropriate and are not permitted.

*The use of cell phones is not permitted during lessons and activities. Cell phones and cameras are not permitted in lodges and restrooms.

*Photographs and videos taken at Harford Glen must not be posted on the internet. To do so would be a violation of Harford County Public Schools privacy policies, as well as the trust of the participating students, parents, teachers, administrators, and Harford Glen educators.

* The Harford Glen staff will build and tend all campfires.

*If a high school student violates any rule, severe consequences, which may include suspension from school, will result and the counselor volunteer will be banned from participating in future Harford Glen sessions. Parents of such counselors may be called to take their daughter or son home. The counselor's high school will be notified about the incident and further action may be taken by the school administration. Harford Glen is required to call law enforcement if it is clear that the law has been broken.

The signatures of the counselor volunteers and their parents/guardians on the counselor application serve as confirmation that they have been advised of these expectations and that the counselor volunteer agrees to abide by these policies.mitted.