Bus Stop Request Form

School year routes and stops are currently being modified. This form will be reopened once they are complete on . If your student is registered for school they will be assigned automatically.
Prior to completing this form, please take the time to read the information below.
This information is also available in the Parent- Student Handbook Calendar.

The Transportation Department establishes bus stops in order to promote safety, provide minimum obstruction to traffic flow, and to minimize ride time for students where possible, stops shall be designated at least one-quarter mile (1/4) apart. (Board of Education policy; M.S.D.E. COMAR 13A06.0713.B.1). In residential communities, bus stops shall be located at intersecting roadways, which provide safe and efficient collection points for students from throughout the community to congregate to receive bus service. This policy shall be consistently applied to all children at all grade levels.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide or arrange for the supervision of their child(ren) while walking to, from, or waiting at the designated bus stop, or while walking to and from school if they reside in the designated non-transported area.

Pupils may be required to walk up to the same distance to the school vehicle stop as pupils residing in non-service areas are required to walk to their respective schools (elementary 1 mile, secondary 1.5 miles). When a child resides one-half (1/2) mile or more from an existing stop, a closer stop shall be considered contingent upon maintaining the safety of the riders. The prime consideration is the safety of riders (COMAR 13A.06.07.13).