Student Education Planning Guide

Message From The Superintendent

The Student Education Planning Guide is designed to assist students and families in planning an appropriate and rigorous high school program based on meeting graduation requirements and addressing student interest and career goals. This guide provides a comprehensive outline of course offerings available in our high schools. As it is not feasible for all of our high schools to offer the complete complement of courses contained in this guide, each high school tailors offerings based on factors reflecting student registration, as well as the availability and expertise of its faculty.

High schools prepare supplemental school registration materials during the registration process that can be accessed here. Please be sure to consult any and all information provided by individual schools during the registration process.

We are proud of our comprehensive high school course offerings that include programs of rigor, special assistance, acceleration, career interest, as well as study in the fine and technical arts. We wish students success as they pursue their educational goals.

Sean W. Bulson, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Purpose of the Student Education Planning Guide

The Student Education Planning Guide will assist in the design of a long term, personalized educational plan that will prepare each student to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Through its use, students can see the relevance and purpose of high school coursework, service learning, and extracurricular activities, and the support they provide for individual career planning. This guide will help students, parents, teachers, and school counselors discuss career goals and develop and implement a six-year education plan. With advanced planning and sustained effort, students can graduate from high school having earned college credits and/or industry certifications.

How to Use the Student Education Planning Guide

The Student Education Planning Guide is a resource designed to support students and families in developing and maintaining a meaningful post-secondary plan. Consultation with counselors, teachers, and school personnel should occur each year in order to update the Six-Year Education Plan.

  1. Review and consider results from previous interest inventories such as those completed in Family Connections. Use this link to access information on how to use Family Connections in educational and career planning: Family Connections. Please contact your school counselor for login information.

  2. Using this information, select the career cluster(s) that most closely aligns with interest inventory and/or career exploration results. From here, choose a career pathway within the cluster matching interests, abilities, and post-secondary plans.

  3. Arts, Media, and Communication
    • Literary Arts
    • Performing Arts
    • Visual Arts
    • Interactive Media Production
    Business, Finance, and Information Technology
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Business Administration
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing
    Health and Human Services
    • Education
    • Government/Public Services
    • Health Services and Personal Care
    • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
    Science, Engineering, and Technology
    • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction
    • Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resources
    • Science and Technology Studies
    • Transportation Technologies
  4. Complete the six-year education plan or revise it with your school counselor as progress is made towards the completion of graduation requirements. Use the course descriptions in choosing courses that meet graduation requirements and are related to post-secondary plans. Consult with your school counselor and other resources such as college advisors, military, trade personnel, employers, and others.

Checklist for successful completion of the registration process.

Board of Education of Harford County
Strategic Plan

We will inspire and prepare each student to achieve success in college and career.

Each student will attain academic and personal success in a safe and caring environment that honors the diversity of our students and staff.

Core Values:

  • We empower each student to achieve academic excellence.
  • We create reciprocal relationships with families and members of the community.
  • We attract and retain highly skilled personnel.
  • We assure an efficient and effective organization.
  • We provide a safe and secure environment.

Long Term Goals:

Goal 1: Prepare every student for success in postsecondary education and career.
Goal 2: Engage families and the community to be partners in the education of our students.
Goal 3: Hire and support highly effective staff who are committed to building their own professional capacity in order to increase student achievement.
Goal 4: Provide safe, secure, and healthy learning environments that are conducive to effective teaching and learning, creativity and innovation.

We believe the strategic plan guides our practice and is the foundation for continuous systemic growth and achievement. Our core values are constant, non-negotiable, and reflect our systemic beliefs. The plan will be reviewed annually by the Board of Education of Harford County. The components of the plan will be reflected in the Harford County Master Plan, the Board of Education Budget, and the respective School Performance and Achievement Plans.

Board of Education

Jansen M. Robinson, President, Elected Member, Councilmanic District A
Rachel Gauthier, Vice-President, Elected Member, Councilmanic District E
Dr. David Bauer, Elected Member, Councilmanic District B
Kathryn Carmello, Elected Member, Councilmanic District C
Dr. Joyce Herold, Appointed Member-at-Large
Sonja Karwacki, Elected Member, Councilmanic District F
Dr. Roy Phillips, Appointed Member-at-Large
Patrice J. Ricciardi, Appointed Member-at-Large
Tamera Rush, Elected Member, Councilmanic District D
Phoebe Bailey, Student Board Member

Superintendent of Schools

Sean W. Bulson, Ed.D.

The Student Education Planning Guide was developed under the direction of the Offices of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment and Secondary Education.

Susan P. Brown, Ed. D.
Executive Director
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Michael L. O’Brien
Executive Director
Middle & High School Performance

Colin P. Carr
Secondary School Instruction & Performance

The Harford County Public School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability in matters affecting employment or in providing access to programs. Inquires related to the policies of the Board of Education of Harford County should be directed to the Manager of Communications at 410-588-5203.

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