Athletic Personnel

Administrative Personnel of HCPS Athletics

  1. County Superintendent of Schools

    The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for all phases of the school program. The administration of the interscholastic athletic program may be delegated, however, by the superintendent to an appropriate supervisor or administrator who will work cooperatively with the high school Principals and the Athletic Directors to develop and operate an effective program.

    All decisions on athletic regulations and procedures shall be subject to the approval of the County Superintendent of Schools.

  2. Supervisor of High School Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics

    The Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics shall serve as "Interpreter" of the regulations and procedures governing interscholastic athletics.

  3. Principals

    The Principals of the high schools shall be held accountable for administering and supervising the athletic program in their respective schools.

  4. Athletic Directors 

    Athletic Directors are responsible for organizing, administering, and supervising the operation of the high school athletic program under the direction of the Principal.

  5. Coaches

    Coaches are responsible to the Athletic Director and the Principal for administering all rules and regulations governing the sport which they coach.

  6. General Curriculum Committee

    Since the program of interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the curriculum for the youth in the Harford County Public School System, the General Curriculum Committee has the responsibility for directing the development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of this program. The development and evaluation of regulations and procedures essential to the effective organization and administration of interscholastic athletic programs are also responsibilities which the General Curriculum Committee must assume. Recommendations regarding revisions to the regulations and procedures will be received and reviewed by this body. After appropriate study and deliberation, the General Curriculum Committee will recommend to the Superintendent of Schools those changes which it supports.

  7. Athletic Legislative Committee

    An Athletic Legislative Committee composed of the Supervisor of Athletics who shall serve as chairperson, the Director of Secondary Education, the Director of Student-athlete Support Services, the Principals of all high schools, the Athletic Directors of all high schools, and one coach from each of the high schools (at least one-half of which shall be women), shall review and study the regulations for governing and the procedures for administering interscholastic athletics. Changes which are supported by majority vote of this body, subject to endorsement by the General Curriculum Committee and the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, shall become effective. A rotating coach representative to the Athletic Legislative Committee must be a certified teacher in the Harford County Public Schools, or a Temporary Emergency Coach (TEC) who has completed the requirements to be a credentialed coach, and shall be recommended to the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics for inclusion on the committee by the school administration.

    The Athletic Legislative Committee will hold a minimum of one meeting annually during the early spring, the date to be determined by the chairperson. Amendments or exceptions to the regulations and procedures which are to be recommended for approval must be made by majority vote of the members of the Athletic Legislative Committee in attendance on that date.

    Proposed amendments may be submitted in writing to the chairperson of the Athletic Legislative Committee at any time. However, only those amendments submitted by the date established by the Supervisor of Athletics will be given consideration at the annual spring meeting. Notice of the proposed amendments shall be sent to each high school before the annual meeting.

    When necessary, the chairperson of the Athletic Legislative Committee may call a special meeting.

Coaching Eligibility:
Teacher Coaches, Temporary Emergency Coaches,
Volunteer Coaches

  1. Qualified faculty members of the public high schools of Harford County are eligible to coach high school sports. Faculty members must complete an approved Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries course, the required NFHS online courses, and CPR/AED certification.

  2. Faculty members of elementary and middle schools of the public schools of Harford County are eligible to coach high school sports, provided that there is no interference with assigned responsibilities and that there is agreement between the Principals of the schools involved.

  3. Temporary emergency coaches may be employed if member schools are unable to fill positions from the faculty members or certificated teachers employed by the Board of Education. Criteria for employment must be followed as outlined in the MPSSAA Handbook that "the candidates: (1) have or are attending the MPSSAA rules clinic for that sport in which coaching will take place; (2) have completed or are enrolled in the equivalent of a one-credit course in the prevention/care of athletic injuries; (3) have completed the required NFHS courses and (4) have a high school diploma and are at least 21 years of age."

    1. The temporary emergency coach must complete an application form and the waiver for criminal check form and submit the forms to the Personnel Office for approval.

    2. The temporary emergency coach must complete fingerprinting through the HCPS office of Human Resources,

    3. The temporary emergency coach must also be approved by the Principal, Athletic Director, and head coach on a one-season basis for a specific coaching assignment.

  4. Temporary emergency coaches not fulfilling the requirements established by the State and County will not be rehired in subsequent years. Temporary emergency coaches who are dismissed from coaching for disciplinary reasons at one school are not eligible to coach at another public school in the County.

  5. The volunteer coach may be utilized if the following procedures are followed:

    1. The volunteer coach may not serve as a head coach at any level and must work only under the direction of the head coach and in the presence of a paid member of the coaching staff.

    2. The volunteer coach shall be at least 21 years old and possess a high school diploma.

    3. The volunteer coach shall have completed or be enrolled in a one-credit course entitled "The Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries” and complete the required NFHS online courses.

    4. The volunteer coach shall attend the annual MPSSAA rules clinic or a county rule interpretation meeting for the sport in which the coaching assignment will take place.

    5. The volunteer coach must complete an application form and the waiver for criminal check form and submit the forms to the Personnel Office for approval.

    6. The volunteer coach must complete fingerprinting through the HCPS office of Human Resources,

    7. The volunteer coach must also be approved by the Principal, Athletic Director, and head coach on a one-season basis for a specific coaching assignment.

  6. In order for a consultant to be present at a practice, they must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director and the paid Head Coach of said team must be present at all times. No more than three consultant days may be used for any given sport and any costs incurred for consultant services will be absorbed by the team receiving the benefits of said consultant.

  7. All head Varsity coaches will participate in an evaluation conference with a school administrator and/or the Athletic Director at the conclusion of their respective season.

Procedures for Hiring New Coaches:
Teacher Coaches, Temporary Emergency Coaches,
Volunteer Coaches

Guidelines and eligibility requirements for hiring teacher coaches, temporary emergency coaches, and volunteer coaches may be found below. Additional eligibility requirements may be found on page 21 of the MPSSAA Handbook. (COMAR 13a.06.03.04).

All coaches must be 21 years of age and complete ALL requirements below before coaching an HCPS Athletic Team:

  • Successfully interviewed and be approved by the school's Athletic Director.
  • Completion of HCPS job application at
  • Have Athletic Director complete the Human Resources Coaching Form.
  • Complete an I-9 form, fingerprinting and payroll forms.
  • Completion of the Care & Prevention Class.
  • Certification in CPR/AED (online courses are not accepted)
  • Completion of NFHS online courses - Concussion in Sports, Heat Illness Prevention, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Protecting Student-athletes from Abuse, Coach Credential Certification (Fundamentals of Coaching) and Coach Credential Certification (sport specific).
  • Complete annual registration on Form Releaf.
  • Complete Care and Prevention Course Refresher every 5 years.

Coaching Application (Non-HCPS Employees Only)

To complete the online coaching application: Application, I-9, Fingerprinting.

Every Coach and Volunteer must have fingerprints on file with HCPS. There is a $60.00 fee to get fingerprinted (PayPal, Check, or Money Order only). ATHLETIC COACHES CANNOT COACH HCPS ATHLETIC TEAMS UNTIL FINGERPRINTS ARE COMPLETE.

Prior to Fingerprinting you must complete an I9 Form in addition to the Child Protective Services Program/Adam Walsh Background Clearance request and bring the completed required documents with you to your fingerprinting appointment.

To complete your I9 form, click here, scroll down to the Fingerprinting section and click on the I9 link. (be sure to bring the acceptable required documents for employment to your fingerprinting appointment)

Complete PART II of the Child Protective Services Program/Adam Walsh Background Clearance request>, print the form and bring it with you to your fingerprinting appointment. This form must be completed online and printed; county agencies cannot accept the form if it is handwritten.

Fill out the following forms and bring with you to your fingerprint appointment. The forms can be acquired from your Athletic Director. PLEASE be sure to indicate your Social Security Number on the Withholding Certificate and your Coaching school on the Direct Deposit form.

New Coach - Fingerprint form
Direct Deposit Form
W4 Tax Form
MW507 Form

To schedule your fingerprinting appointment, click here or email

Form RELeaf

All coaches are required to register on Form RELeaf. When creating your account, be sure to register as a coach in the Coaches Section (NOT for the sport you are coaching). During registration, please indicate ALL sports you will be coaching at your high school. You will be asked to upload all NFHS certification certificates as well as your digital CPR/AED card and Care and Prevention completion certificate. We understand that CPR/AED and Care and Prevention certificates may not be available to you upon completion of the course however, these certificates MUST be uploaded once they are made available to you.

Tips as you register on Form REleaf:

What type of coach are you?

  • HCPS = those coaches that are full time employees of HCPS
  • TEC = those coaches that are seasonal employees
  • V = those coaches that are volunteering their time (volunteers must be fingerprinted)

What position will you be holding?

  • Varsity Head
  • Varsity Assistant
  • JV Head
  • JV Assistant
  • If you are unsure of your position, please check with your Head coach or Athletic Director

Steps to update your registration:

Step 1: Log into Form REleaf
Step 2: Select Registration History (top left)
Step 3: Select View (right hand side)
Step 4: Select Edit (top right)
Step 5: Edit your profile/update certificates/etc. and submit

Complete the following courses at and upload the certificates of completion on Form RELeaf: All courses must be renewed every 2 years.

  1. Concussion in Sports (2 years)
  2. Protecting Student-athletes from Abuse (2 years)
  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (2 years)
  4. Heat Illness Prevention (2 years)


All coaches are required to have CPR/AED Certification (with practical component) before coaching a HCPS Athletic Team. Online courses are not accepted. Once you have completed CPR/AED class you will receive your certification via email. Please upload your certificate immediately to Form REleaf. CPR/AED Certification is required every two years.

Care & Prevention Course

HCPS Care and Prevention (one time with refresher course every 5 years). You are allowed to coach ONE SEASON without this course but in order to continue you MUST complete this course before coaching again.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM to register for the next Care & Prevention certification classes. You will be notified via email about upcoming class dates.

Becoming a Certified/Credentialed Coach (Non-HCPS Employees Only)*

All coaches are required to have CPR/AED Certification (with practical component) before coaching a HCPS Athletic Team. Online courses are not accepted.

All coaches must become certified after their 3rd year of coaching a sport (prior to coaching a 4th year). To become certified, you must complete the following online courses at:

  1. Fundamentals of Coaching (one time)
  2. Coaching __(sport you coach)__ (one time for each sport you coach) ($35-$75)

*According to the MPSSAA handbook, becoming a certified coach will qualify you for a coaching position over a non-certified coach (if he/she is not a HCPS employee).

Coaches Selection and Standards

  1. The Principal/designee in cooperation with the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics secures and appoints coaching personnel.

    1. Coaches must comply with Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) standards and regulations. Failure to comply will result in penalties (including forfeits) as outlined in the MPSSAA bylaws.

    2. Coaches must be fingerprinted and processed by the Harford County Public School System (HCPS).

    3. Coaches must have current Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/Automatic External Defibrillator (CPR/AED) certification.

  2. Salaries of paid coaches will be paid by the HCPS. Volunteer coaches will not accept money from booster organizations, groups who may or may not be associated with the school, or individuals in the community. In addition, paid coaches and advisors will not accept money from individuals, booster groups, or other groups to supplement their stipends.

  3. Coaches will receive payment for services rendered only in that sport. No coach will receive a stipend for a sport he/she did not coach. Coaches are expected to conduct practices each school day during the season.

  4. Coaches are not permitted to contact or recruit student-athletes who attend another school for the purpose of encouraging them to attend the coach's school. When a coach is contacted by a student-athlete who does not reside in the school attendance area, the coach must inform the student-athlete of the rules and are not to encourage him/her to transfer. In addition, the coach must report this request to his/her Athletic Director and Principal. Violation of this rule will result in appropriate personnel action.

Coach Responsibilities

  1. Organizes and administers the team which he/she coaches under the supervision of the Athletic Director and school administration.

  2. Register annually in Form Releaf.

  3. Maintains current required certifications to comply with COMAR 13A.12.01(B) and HCPS coaching requirements.

  4. Attends training in the operation and use of an AED, cold water immersion techniques, traumatic injury care, and the development of team specific Emergency Action Plans each school year.

  5. Develops a team specific Emergency Action Plan and provides time to practice the plan, under the guidance of the Athletic Director and/or Athletic Trainer.

  6. Assist Athletic Directors and school nurses with the collection of preparticipation physicals prior to the first day of practice.

  7. Reviews preparticipation physicals to become familiar with any medical restrictions and special needs of each student-athlete on their team.

  8. Attends all school and county/conference meetings.

  9. Provides leadership in the selection of team members.

  10. Aids in the selection and evaluation of assistant coaches and junior varsity coaches.

  11. Assumes responsibility for the selection and training of all team managers, scorekeepers, timers, and statisticians.

  12. Verifies the eligibility of each student-athlete in conjunction with the Athletic Director and designated administrator.

  13. Submits a team roster to the Athletic Director for eligibility certification, 5 days prior to the first contest.

  14. Assumes responsibility for reporting all unsafe playing areas, bleachers, and equipment to the Athletic Director, or building administration.

  15. Assists in developing and placing into operation the appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities and games.

  16. Submits all equipment needs to the Athletic Director.

  17. Completes and submits to the Athletic Director an updated inventory of all equipment, supplies, and uniforms at the close of his/her season.

  18. Assists the Athletic Director with the cleaning, care, and storage of athletic equipment for their team.

  19. Assists, when requested, in the preparation of specifications for gymnasiums, athletic fields, and other facilities.

  20. Assists in fostering good school-community relations by keeping the community aware of and responsive to the athletic program.

  21. Provides, when appropriate, advertising, pre-contest publicity, press coverage of games, and post-contest reports to the media.

  22. Provides information to the Athletic Directors and school nurse for completion of accident reports, when necessary.

  23. Provides assistance in making proper preparation for the conduct of games (playing fields, gymnasia, etc.).

  24. Supervises team personnel at all times they are involved in the program. This includes team meetings, dressing before and after practices and games, during practices and games, and during and after transportation of team personnel to and from the games.

  25. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their practice area and game area are cleaned of all equipment and trash after each session or game.

  26. Coaches shall remain at the school until the last player has departed unless the coach has arranged for a faculty member to assume responsibility in his/her absence.

  27. Completes officials' evaluations (rating cards) and submits them to the Athletic Director, as applicable.

  28. Assists, when appropriate, in the promotion of student-athletes' participation at the collegiate level.

Code of Ethics for Coaches

Coaches will exhibit the following characteristics in personal conduct and all forms of communication including on-line technology:

  1. Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior, and leadership.

  2. Respect the integrity and personality of the individual student-athlete.

  3. Abide by the rules of the game in letter and spirit, regardless of the consequences.

  4. Respect the integrity and judgment of sports officials, never baiting or taunting officials in any way.

  5. Demonstrate a mastery of and continuing interest in coaching principles and techniques through professional improvement.

  6. Encourage and respect all student-athletes and their values.

  7. Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

  8. Promote ethical relations among coaches.

  9. Fulfill responsibilities to provide emergency health procedures and ensure an environment free of obvious safety hazards.

  10. Encourage the highest standards of conduct and scholastic achievement among all student-athletes.

  11. Seek to impress upon all student-athletes' good health habits, including the establishment of sound training rules.

  12. Strive to develop in each student-athlete the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment.

Athletic Director Job Description

General Responsibilities

  1. Understand and enforce the interscholastic athletic policies and procedures of the Harford County Public School System and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA).

  2. Distribute and assist in the interpretation of school policies, county & conference regulations, MPSSAA regulations, and other pertinent information to coaches.

  3. Contact, when appropriate, medical personnel and confirms their presence at the athletic games.

  4. Assist athletic trainer to maintain and distribute training and other first aid supplies.

  5. Schedule practice facilities and locker rooms and coordinates their use.

  6. Develop and coordinates all athletic games with other schools.

  7. Arrange for transportation to all away games.

  8. Confirm officials for all home games.

  9. Coordinate the rescheduling of postponed games.

  10. Confirm receipt and distribution of all interscholastic athletic supplies and equipment.

  11. Maintain an accurate inventory of athletic equipment and supplies.

  12. Works with coaches in arranging for cleaning, repairing and maintaining all uniforms, supplies and equipment.

  13. Be responsible for initiating procedures for care and use of locker and team rooms.

  14. Work with coaching staff to plan and coordinate the distribution of athletic awards at the conclusion of each athletic season.

  15. Serve as the liaison with all athletic parent/guardian support groups and community organizations in the promotion and interpretation of the needs and values of the athletic program.

  16. Coordinate public relations for the interscholastic athletic program.

  17. Arrange for the publication of school athletic schedules and team rosters.

  18. Coordinate scheduling and use of athletic facilities with school administration.

Administrative Athletic Director Responsibilities

  1. Monitor the expenditure of funds appropriated to the school's athletic department, or the expenditure of funds for which the athletic department will be reimbursed.

  2. Assist in developing and placing into operation appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities.

  3. Assist the Principal in the selection, supervision and evaluation of the coaching staff.

  4. Maintain accurate records of certifications and attendance at required training for coaches.

  5. Develop Emergency Action Plans for the indoor and outdoor athletic venues at their school.

  6. Provide training to coaches on the Emergency Action Plan for their school.

  7. Participate in and encourages coaches to participate in appropriate meetings, conference and clinics.

  8. Work with coaches and administrators to ensure that the County eligibility policy requirements concerning participation on athletic teams are strictly followed and enforced.

  9. Assist administrator in charge of eligibility and serves as a member of the school's eligibility committee.

  10. Work with coaches to complete MPSSAA and HCPS athletic eligibility forms and forward them to the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics by the first play date of each season.

  11. Assist Administration in investigating and resolving conflicts concerning the athletic program.

  12. Maintain accurate and current files of student-athletes' physical, parent/guardian permission and other required forms.

  13. Responsibilities for non-paid athletic events include:
    • Coordinate responsibilities with the head coach of the participating athletic program.
    • Arrange all details of visiting teams and officials.
    • Ensure that the field/facility is ready for teams and spectators.

  14. Responsibilities for paid athletic events include:
    • Arrange all details of visiting teams and officials.
    • Ensure that the field facility is open and ready for teams and spectators.
    • Assist administrator in charge with clearing the athletic facility and locking down the facility.
    • Provide a secure departure for visiting team and officials.
    • Assist Administration to set up any pre-game or half time activities.

  15. Evaluate the school's athletic program annually and makes recommendations, as necessary, to the Principal and Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics regarding the improvement of the program including equipment needs and supply requisitions.

  16. Assist the administration with inspecting all playing and spectator facilities for safety prior to each athletic season and refers concerns to the appropriate administrator immediately.

Code of Ethics for Athletic Directors

(From the Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association)

The Athletic Director:

  1. Strives to develop and maintain a comprehensive athletic program which seeks the highest development of all participants and which respects the individual dignity of every student-athlete.

  2. Considers the well-being of the entire student-athlete body as fundamental in all decisions and actions.

  3. Supports the Principal of due process and protects the civil and human rights of all individuals.

  4. Organizes, directs, and promotes an interscholastic athletic program that is in harmony with and contributes to the total school program.

  5. Cooperates with the staff and school administration in establishing, implementing, and supporting school policies.

  6. Acts impartially in the execution of basic policies and the enforcement of the conference or league and state high school association rules and regulations.

  7. Fulfills professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity and upholds the honor of the profession in all relations with students, colleagues, coaches, administrators, and the general public.

  8. Avoids using the position for personal gain or influence.

  9. Seeks to improve the professional status and effectiveness of the interscholastic athletic administrator through participation in local, state, and national in-service programs.

  10. Is committed to high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and personal conduct on the part of the school administration, members of the coaching staff, and the student-athletes representing the school.