Transportation Guidelines

Regulations and Procedures for the
Transportation of Athletic Teams

  1. Athletic Director
    The Athletic Director is responsible for assisting the Principal of the school in the preparation of that portion of the budget questionnaire related to interscholastic athletics.

  2. Coach Transport of Students
    A coach may transport a student-athlete ONLY if the coach is the lawful parent, custodian, or guardian of the student. Custodians or guardians are lawful and recognized only if such status is granted by court order and on record at the school.

  3. Submission of Transportation Request.
    All athletic transportation requests must be submitted electronically to the Office of Athletics for the approval of the Supervisor. Once this approval has been granted, transportation requests will be forwarded through electronic transmission to the Office of Transportation.

    All transportation requests for regularly scheduled interscholastic scrimmages and games for each sports season must be submitted to the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics prior to the following dates:
    Fall sports season no later than August 1
    Winter sports season no later than November 1
    Spring sports season no later than February 1

    Transportation requests for overnight athletic trips must follow procedures and deadlines as outlined the Administrative Handbook. The Overnight Field Trip Request Form  must be used. The procedures, pages and required forms are found in the appendix of this handbook.

  4. Rules of Transportation
    The transportation rules governing student-athlete conduct on a public-school bus will be in effect while athletic teams are being transported

  5. Participants may not board the bus along the route of travel, and they may not be dismissed from the bus on the return trip until they arrive at the school.

  6. All participants must travel with the team and the coaches to the site of an athletic contest unless the administration receives documentation of parent/guardian permission for the student-athlete to be transported by the parent/guardian, or the student-athlete prior to the trip. All participants must travel with the team and the coaches from the site of an athletic contest unless either special permission is granted for other arrangements by the Principal prior to the trip or if a parent/guardian requests in person permission from the coach to transport his/her own child home.(Alternative Transportation Form) In circumstances where transportation to an event is cancelled by the Transportation Department because of weather-related concerns, the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics will be notified by the Transportation Department. Alternate forms of transportation for Harford County schools involved will be presented and discussed with the Director of Transportation and the Superintendent of Schools. The decision of the Superintendent will be final.

    Guidelines for use of Alternate Transportation Form:

    • Alternative Transportation Form  (Español) must be completed (with parent signature), signed by an administrator and submitted to the coach prior to the start of competitions for each season. (Fall – September 3rd, Winter – December 3rd, Spring – March 21st)
    • Be aware that this form is not tied directly into being provided a parking place at your school. Schools establish parking guidelines and procedures on an individual basis.
    • Student-athletes electing to use the Alternative Transportation Form  (Español) for early dismissal games will depart from their school at the conclusion of the school day unless safe travel for out of county games warrants other arrangements as determined by the coach/Athletic Director.
    • Student-athletes using the Alternative Transportation Form  (Español) must remain in their car and wait for the team bus or coach to arrive at the away venue. All players, bus riders and drivers, will go to the field together under the coach’s supervision.
    • Student-athletes must arrive dressed for the game as locker rooms will not be available for visiting teams.
    • At the conclusion of the contest, all players will leave the site immediately.

  7. Stops at places other than the destination must be indicated on the request form. Except in the case of an emergency, bus drivers are not authorized to make additional stops.

  8. A teacher(s) or coach(s) shall ride on each bus and shall be in charge of the students.

  9. Buses will be provided primarily to transport members of athletic teams.

  10. Postponements and Cancellations: The Transportation Department must be notified promptly whenever a game is postponed or canceled.

  11. The Athletic Director shall be responsible for notifying the Transportation Department concerning rescheduled games.

  12. Directions to Bus Driver: The school/coach/teacher-in-charge shall provide directions to destinations for school-related activities, if requested by the driver.

  13. All regular season trips for out of county interscholastic activities are limited to a distance of 75 miles one way from home school to destination. Athletic trips that exceed 75 miles one way will be paid for out of the school's athletic budget. This limitation does not include playoffs.

  14. Each athletic program, with the exception of football, boys' lacrosse and track will be transported to away events in one bus. The second bus for football will also transport the Cheerleading squad (room permitting). Exceptions to this rule can only be made with the approval of the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics.