Financial Procedures

Budget and Financing

The Athletic Director is responsible for assisting the Principal of the school in the preparation of that portion of the budget questionnaire related to interscholastic athletics.

Payment of Officials

Officials for all of the public high school games will be paid through the Finance Office of the Harford County Public Schools. The Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics shall advise the administration of the school concerning the contracting of officials and the procedures for their payment.

Gate Receipts

Tickets for interscholastic athletic events are available for sale at, a digital ticketing platform. These funds are used to defray the costs of the interscholastic athletic programs in the public high schools in Harford County. Funds derived from the digital ticket sales are deposited directly with Harford County Public Schools and not the individual high schools. No cash is accepted for admission at the athletic event. Spectators must show evidence of a purchased digital ticket. There are digital ticket redeemers (HCPS teachers) and a school administrator (the Administrator on Duty) at all interscholastic athletic events at which admission is required. At the conclusion of each contest where admission fees are charged, a report of sales is available online through the digital ticket vendor.

Admission Charges

The admission charges for interscholastic athletic games will be recommended at the annual meeting of the Athletic Legislative Committee. These charges will be uniform for all public high school games. Harford County Public School System employees may witness county athletic games without charge with appropriate identification. Schools shall not charge admission at off-site locations, unless written permission is granted by the Executive Director of Middle/High School Performance and the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics.

Admission charges for regular season athletic games played on the stadium field or in the gymnasium after 5:00 PM or on Saturday will require an admission charge of:

  • $5.00 for adults and students. (Children under age 7 and Senior Citizens will not be charged an admission fee).

  • Wrestling Tri-meets that begin at 4:00 PM will also require an admission charge of $5.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.

  • • Doubleheader football games that begin prior to 5:00 pm will require an admission charge of $5 at the beginning of the JV game, with spectators charged through the 3rd quarter of the Varsity game or until determined by administration.

  • All tournaments will require an admission charge of $5.00 for adults and students. HCPS badges will not be accepted for admission for these types of events.

  • Individual schools conducting a two-day tournament may offer a two-day tournament pass at a cost of $8.00 per person.

  • A ticket for ten admissions at a cost of $30.00 will be available for purchase by any person. This ticket is good for regular season events at any HCPS school location.

  • A year-long admission pass will be available for purchase by HCPS students at a cost of $20.00. This pass is good for all regular season games at the student-athlete's home school.

  • No admission charge shall be made to cheerleaders of the opponent's school, provided they are in uniform.

  • Exceptions will be made only by the Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics.

The decision to close an athletic admission gate and discontinue selling tickets shall be made by the administrator on duty of the host school.

Presale of tickets for regularly scheduled season events shall require the prior approval of the Supervisor of High School Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics. Principals of both schools must be informed of the approval. The following procedures will be implemented by all Harford County Public Schools for the presale of tickets to athletic events:

  • Each school will be given a percentage of the allowable tickets to be sold as deemed by the Fire Marshall Code displayed for public view. The percentage will be 60% for the home school and 40% for the visiting school.

  • Tickets will go on sale five days in advance of the event and will be sold on a first come-first serve basis, until all tickets are sold. In the case of a weekday event, the weekend will not be counted as part of the "five days in advance of the event" ticket sale window


  • Adult and student-athlete passes will be honored if presented at the time of tickets sales in exchange for "presale tickets".

  • Faculty ID badges and MPSSAA coaching passes will be honored at the door

  • There will be no re-entry permitted at Presale Ticket events.

  • In the case of inclement weather and the event is postponed, there will be no refunds, and tickets will be honored at the rescheduled date.

  • Doubleheader football games that begin prior to 5:00 pm will require an admission charge of $5 at the beginning of the JV game, with spectators charged through the 3rd quarter of the Varsity game or until determined by administration.

Athletic Supplies and Equipment

Athletic supplies and equipment that are to become the personal property of the student-athlete are to be purchased through a vendor of the student-athlete's choice or the school store. The staff member designated to operate the school store will manage the financial transactions for all the personal athletic equipment or supplies sold through the school. It is permissible for coaches and Athletic Directors to assist in the financial transactions for the student-purchase of personal equipment or supplies. Coaches, Athletic Directors, and other knowledgeable staff members should continue to provide the manager of the school store and student-athletes who participate in the interscholastic athletic program with information and guidance concerning the criteria for the selection of appropriate athletic equipment and supplies. Any team clothing that is not part of the official uniform needs to follow Sales & Fundraiser Guidelines .

Any attempt to promote individualism by wearing different apparel or equipment will not be permitted. Personalized uniforms or equipment will not be permitted. Any exception to this must have prior approval from the Athletic Director and Supervisor of High School athletics and Physical Education.

Athletic equipment owned by the school that is to be used by individuals (uniforms, helmets, practice equipment, bats, etc.) may be used only by Harford County Public Schools sponsored teams.