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Collective Bargaining Information

Maryland Law requires the Board of Education of Harford County to engage in a labor negotiation process called collective bargaining. In collective bargaining the Board formally negotiates labor contracts with employee associations of unions, which are referred to as bargaining units in Harford County. State law mandates that these labor contracts include such items as employee work hours, salary, healthcare benefits, and working conditions. A negotiated contract must be ratified by both the Board and the employee members of the unit. The labor contract, which is called a Negotiated Agreement, is kept in place for a set period of time and is binding.

The Board of Education negotiates with five bargaining units that represent all employees within the Harford County Public School system: (A description of the employee make-up of each unit can be found in the preceding tabs.)

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

The Association of Harford County Administrative, Technical and Supervisory Professionals

The Association of Public School Administrators and Supervisors of Harford County

Harford County Education Association

Harford County Education Services Council