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As of Thursday, April 24, 2014 6:18 AM:

The last day of school for Kindergarten – 11th grade is Thursday, June 12.
The last day for Pre-Kindergarten is Tuesday, June 10.

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Food and Nutrition Department

The Food and Nutrition Department manages all aspects of the school food service program. The department's mission is to support the quality education and learning environment of students in the HCPS system by providing programs that operate within the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture National School Lunch Program

No local tax dollars from Harford County are provided to the Food and Nutrition Budget. The program is operated to break even with funds provided by student sales and state/federal reimbursement through the operation of programs such as National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, After School Snack Program, and Summer Food Service Program.

Our Mission

The Department of Food and Nutrition supports the quality education and learning environment of students in the Harford County Public School System by providing programs that operate within the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture National School Lunch Program.

Our Vision

The Department of Food & Nutrition Services is respected as an advocate for student nutrition by setting a positive example in the meal programs and operating as a vital resource on issues pertaining to student nutrition. The program is viewed as valuable by students, parents, school staff and the community

Current Menus
April Elementary Menu
April Middle Menu
April HighMenu
Upcoming Menus
May Elementary Menu
May Middle Menu
May High Menu
       Meal Prices
Breakfast $1.05
Elementary Lunch $1.90
Secondary Lunch $2.00
       Reduced Prices
Breakfast $.20
Lunch $.40
Low-Fat Milk $.50
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Food & Nutrition Department
Harford County Public Schools Food & Nutrition is a National “District of Excellence” Award Winning Program!

The Department of Food & Nutrition Services was awarded the District of Excellence (DOE) distinction for school nutrition by the National School Nutrition Association on August 9, 2009. We are proud to announce that this national recognition has been extended through June 2014. Nationally, there are only 30 Districts of Excellence and Harford County remains the only district in Maryland on this distinguished list.

A district of excellence must maintain excellence in four key areas which encompass the “Keys to Excellence” program: administration, communications/marketing, nutrition/nutritional education, and operations, and meet their goals to serve attractive, nutritious meals in a cost-effective manner. “Keys to Excellence” is the core of the School Nutrition Associations professional development and training programs.

During this past 2012-13 school year, nearly 1.5 million breakfasts and nearly 4 million lunches were served to our students. Extensive audits conducted this past year by state and federal officials concluded HCPS meals exceeded current USDA nutritional standards. Local and national media focused on the major overhaul expected of school meals throughout the country this past school year. Students eating with us did notice a few changes in our offerings however, due to our ongoing dedication to offering healthy, student favored options, many of the required changes had been implemented before USDA mandated them. Cafeteria staff will continue to keep ahead of new regulations for healthier meals. Students test groups will continue to be involved in approving new menu items. Fresh fruits and vegetable are a vital part of eating healthy. Over a half million dollars was allocated to the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables for our students, a portion of it with local farmers here in Harford County. We are committed to providing trendy, nutritious meals in a pleasant environment.