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Academics and Curriculum

The Harford County Public School System maintains a reasonably uniform system of education for its youth, providing educational experiences and opportunities designed to meet unique student needs. Curriculum in various skill areas, in the academic disciplines, and in the arts is developed, implemented, evaluated and revised on a systemwide basis so that each student receives a well-balanced, carefully articulated, and appropriately diversified education.

Curriculum provides the organization and structure for that which is to be learned, so that the instructional and assessment practices of teachers facilitate student mastery of the essential learnings. In order for students to demonstrate the highest levels of mastery of the learnings established by the Harford County Public School System, the curriculum must be designed, developed, and implemented with the appropriate scope, focus, balance, and alignment so that effective direction is given to instructional and assessment practices.

Like all other successful school systems, the Harford County Public School System must continually ensure through curriculum that what is taught continues to reflect the very best knowledge and practice in all subject areas. A strong, responsive curriculum conveys a powerful, positive vision connecting students to the future. Students must be enabled, through curriculum, to envision that future and must be prepared to successfully meet the challenges and issues, which will confront them.

The Harford County Public Schools Curriculum is comprised of the following Academic Programs:

Instructional Support Services

The Harford County Public School System believes that student learning is facilitated when instruction accommodates diversity among students. The success of the school system relies on the collaborative efforts of all school system personnel. Instructional Support Programs provide the needed assistance to administrators, teachers, instructional assistants and students.

Instructional Support Services are provided in the following areas: