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Grant Support Services Office

Welcome to the Harford County Public Schools Grant Support Services Office. The Grant Support Services Office provides leadership and support for developing, acquiring and managing both central office and school-based grant activities. It is essential that the coordination of supplemental funds be encouraged in order to ensure enhanced services for our students. Securing grant funds requires a systematic process to ensure all projects and programs are implemented to support the goals of Harford County Public Schools. The Grant Support Services Office assists and supports central office and school-based staff through:

  • Identifying possible grant opportunities. Funding opportunities and resource information are updated bi-weekly on the SharePoint website (Available from HCPS schools and buildings only).
  • Aligning identified needs with system- wide goals, focus areas and benchmarks.
  • Coordinating and organizing grant writing efforts.
  • Developing logic models, goals, objectives, work plans and timelines.
  • Coordinating with Grants Accounting on developing grant budgets and allowable costs and activities.
  • Developing performance measures for proposed grant activities.
  • Packaging grant proposals and coordinating internal approval process.
  • Reviewing draft grant proposals.
  • Providing professional development and technical assistance on the grant proposal process.

For more information and assistance with grants contact:

Mary Beth Stapleton, MSW
Coordinator of Grants

Joyce Jablecki
Grant Support Services Secretary

Or visit our SharePoint website (Available from HCPS schools and buildings only).

For financial questions or assistance regarding grant budgets contact:

Grants Accountant