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Teacher of the Year Blog
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There’s a song in the movie, Footloose called “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”. Today, on the last day of school for students, Let’s Hear It For The Teachers! While I am saying teachers, please know that I encompass all of those who work hard to serve the students of HCPS. This blog is a compilation of statistics that serve as a reminder to the devotion of all who work hard to educate our future. The following was found on:
  1. How Much You Spend Out of Pocket:
You spent an average of $500 of your own money on classroom supplies this year.
Source: The Education Market Association

      2. How Much You Work
You worked an average of 50 hours a week.
Source: National Education Association
      3. How Much You Keep Working
Teachers work more than 400 hours of overtime in a year—our school day never ends.
Source: ING Foundation Survey

      4. How Much You’re Still Working
Around 30 percent of you have jobs outside of being a teacher.
Source: Texas State Teachers Association
     5. How Much You Go the Extra Mile
More than 65 percent of you paid for food or covered the costs of field trips for your students.
    6. How Much You’re Appreciated
Your impact on lives is ongoing—roughly 88 percent of people say a teacher had a “significant, positive impact” on their lives.
Source: ING Foundation Survey
      7. How Much You Care
During the cold months, one out of three of you bought coats, mittens and/or other clothes to help keep your students warm.
     8. How Much You Change Lives
Around 3.5 million students will graduate U.S. high schools this year, and they’ve all had the influence of a great teacher like you.
Source: National Center for Education Statistics
     9. How Much the World Knows It
People believe in the work you do. Around 98 percent of people say a teacher can change the course of a student’s life.
Source: ING Foundation Survey
    10. How Many of Us Have Your Back
You are part of one of the largest professions in the country, with more than 3.1 million teachers across the United States.
Source: National Center for Education Statistics
I leave you with a video that I found to a beautiful tribute to teachers:

Congratulations on completing the 2016- 2017 school year!!!