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Harford County Public Schools
Harford County Public Schools Zone Study

In response to public comment concerning Harford County Public School’s (HCPS) inclement weather practices and the suggestion that HCPS create a “Weather Zone” in the northern part of Harford County, the Superintendent directed staff to form a workgroup to review the 2008 North Harford Zone study. The study in 2008 was done to determine whether or not the creation of a separate Zone in the northern part of the County was viable. In advance of the 2014-15 winter, community representatives from various geographic locations in the County were invited to provide input to staff, and the North Harford Zone Workgroup (Workgroup) was established. The Workgroup met on November 6 and November 20, 2014. At the conclusion of this effort, the Workgroup affirmed, as noted in the findings of the 2008 study, that creating a separate Zone is neither required nor practical, but suggested that notification protocols to community stakeholders during an inclement weather event could be improved to provide more clarity to the parents, employees and the general public. In response to this feedback, HCPS put into practice inclement weather protocols to assure consideration of weather conditions throughout all geographic areas of the county. We thank all participants for their time and input. The North Harford Zone Workgroup Report can be accessed via the following links: