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Safety and Security
HCPS Safety and Security

The Department of Safety and Security's Mission Statement

To advance the security within Harford County Public Schools by integrating safety into the fabric of the school system through evaluation, education, and training. Through collaboration, the Department of Safety and Security shall persist to amalgamate the components of environmental and personal safety and security into every aspect of the educational/operational practices of the Harford County Public Schools System.

Five objectives have been identified that will support the goal established by the Board of Education.

Objective 1 To establish clear expectations for positive school climates and maximize student learning.
Objective 2 To provide safe and secure schools during daytime and evening hours of building use.
Objective 3 To provide safe and secure schools during those hours when the buildings are not occupied.
Objective 4 To maximize school building safety and security through student, staff, and parent training.
Objective 5 To expand interagency cooperation and partnerships among youth serving professionals and agencies.

12 Days of Christmas Tree Safety Tips

    Based on a review of the NTAS ordered by DHS Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, DHS is updating the NTAS to add a new form of advisory – the NTAS “Bulletin” – to the existing NTAS “Alerts,” according to a DHS press release.

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Safety Tips

Elementary - Remember to review with your child

  • The importance of looking both ways before crossing the street
  • At bus stops, they should always be aware of their surroundings and report anything unusual to a trusted adult


  • Imitating gang affiliation by dress or hand signs is prohibited on school property, but more important it can put yourself in harm way if confronted by a true gang member
  • Make sure your locker is closed and locked before leaving for class


  • Keep you car locked
  • Keep valuable out of sight, Ipods, radar detectors, mapping devices and video players are easy targets for thieves.
  • Thieves are now looking for suction cup marks on the windshield, a sign that these devices may be inside the car. Be smart and keep cloth handy to remove the suction cup mark.

12 Days of Christmas Tree Safety Tips