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Hydroponics at Church Creek Elementary

Karen Olsen, from the HCPS Food and Nutrition Office, and Melanie Kane, from Harford Glen Environmental Center, recently visited Church Creek Elementary to help Mrs. Malenfant’s class build a hydroponics growing station.

Mrs. Malenfant’s class has been studying hydroponics as an extension to the Life Science curriculum. Charlie Pendorf, from The Hydrofarm, visited Mrs. Malenfant’s class to inform them of the many benefits of hydroponic gardening. Some of the benefits of hydroponics include saving water, growing food without the need for land space, and fewer problems with funguses, diseases and pests.

Mrs. Malenfant’s class decided to set up an investigation, which they will track over the next few weeks in their Science Notebooks. They will report back to Harford Glen with their findings.