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Harford Educators "Teach the Teachers" of Jamaica

In Jamaican patois, there is a saying, “one-one cocoa full de basket,” meaning little by little we make a difference.

For two weeks in July, a team of educators from Maryland school systems and the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervening Services, provided professional development to Jamaican teachers as volunteers with Great Shape! Inc., Teach the Teachers (TtT). 

Harford County Public Schools was well represented by Gabriella Pellegrini, Grade 3 teacher, and Aimee Goodfellow, Kindergarten teacher, both of Bel Air Elementary School; Cassandra Pellegrini, John Archer School assistive technology technician; and Alicia Palmer, former coordinator for the Department of Special Education. Training focused on instructional methods to enhance reading and writing skills and child-centered teaching practices supporting positive learning environments, including a structured camp/learning lab for children of the TtT participants.

Team Harford would like to thank their colleagues who supported this work with generous donations of instructional resources and supplies.  This year, TtT consisted of 30 volunteers from the United States and Canada collaborating with 120 Jamaican teachers and supporting 30 children. Way to go!