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2017 Southampton Middle School Annual Dave Wottle Run

Southampton Middle School’s 45th Annual Dave Wottle Run held on October 17, 2017, was a huge success! The school's physical education department would like to commend all students for their efforts and participation. Eighth grader Elise Graf is a three-time repeat 1st place winner! Congratulations to the top finishers, including:
1st place: 8th grade female: Elise Graf (4:53)
1st place: 8th grade male: Corey Daley (4:20)
1st place: 7th grade female: Lydia Sherly (5:04)
1st place: 7th grade male: Ashton Tolson(4:27)
1st place: 6th grade female: Morgan Perry (5:11)
1st place: 6th grade males: Alan Chan and Thomas McNutt (4:29)