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Sensory Fair at C. Milton Wright High School

Students and staff members at C. Milton Wright High School recently gave psychology students a unique experience in sensory information and adaptation.

On Wednesday, November 29, and Thursday, November 30, Dena Zorbach, teacher of Visually Impaired and Blind/Orientation and Mobility specialist at Harford County Public Schools, along with other staff members at C. Milton Wright High School, organized and presented a Sensory Fair.  The Fair was designed to give the Psychology and A.P. Psychology students at C. Milton Wright High School a hands-on experience with visual, auditory and tactile experiences.

Ms. Zorbach and staff members at the school invited several students with visual impairments to help lead various stations that offered Psychology students lessons and experiences that included, but not limited to:
  • Braille reading and writing
  • Sign Language
  • Visual impairment simulations
  • Auditory impairment simulations
  • Visual perception simulations
  • Tactile activities