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2018 Bel Air Middle School Volleyball Day

Bel Air High School Varsity Bobcat volleyball players from both the boys and the girls teams recenlty visited Bel Air Middle School for “Volleyball Day.” Many of the high school athletes began their volleyball careers at Bel Air Middle school and became interested in volleyball when they themselves attended Volleyball Day.

Middle school students were divided into three groups and given instruction from the high school players on three volleyball striking skills:  set, bump, and spike.  Following the skill practice, the Panthers challenged the Bobcats to a game of volleyball.

Volleyball Day is always a wonderful opportunity for middle school students to learn from others who have literally sat in the same place they are a few years prior. At the conclusion of each period, the high school players answered questions about tryout dates, practice schedules, games, and positions on the court.

A special thank you to the coaches and players for taking time out of their schedule to make Volleyball Day 2018 another success.