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Southampton Middle School’s Annual Dave Wottle Run 2018

Southampton Middle School held its 46th Annual Dave Wottle Run on October 4, 2018. The run was increased to one mile, and this year’s group of student participants was one of the largest groups the school has had in recent history.
A special congratulations to Ashton Tolson for being a three-time 1st place winner, and to Lydia Sherly and Alan Chan for being two-time winners of the Dave Wottle Run.
Below are the top three runners per grade level:
6th Grade Girls                                                          6th Grade Boys
1st place:  Ana Mioduski, run time 6:38                      1st place:  Nicholas Estrada, run time 6:06
2nd place:  Ella Campbell, run time 6:39                     2nd place:  Tyler Morris, run time 6:11
3rd place:  Ava Lewis, run time 6:40                           3rd place:  Gavin Morris, run time 6:15
7th Grade Girls                                                           7th Grade Boys
1st place:  Morgan Perry, run time 6:13                      1st place:  Alan Chan, run time 5:35
2nd place:  Annie Wille, run time 6:16                         2nd place:  Quinn Stertzel, run time 5:44
3rd place:  Kate Milton, run time 6:21                         3rd place:  Thomas Cannavale, run time 5:49
8th Grade Girls                                                            8th Grade Boys
1st place:  Lydia Sherly, run time 6:07                         1st place:  Ashton Tolson, run time 5:05
2nd place:  Cailin Hetrick, run time 6:12                       2nd place:  Ryan Skandalis, run time 5:36
3rd place:  Laci Pierce, run time 6:14                           3rd place:  Eric Burger, run time 5:46