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Harford Tech students earn first place in SkillsUSA competition after competing for three straight years

During their sophomore year, a team of four Harford Technical High School students – Jon Brown, Ryan Mandl, Kyle Robey and Andrew Wood – ventured to the Center of Applied Technology North in Anne Arundel County to participate in the Team Works competition at the Maryland SkillsUSA state championship.
Only halfway through their education at Harford Tech, they had less experience and practice with the skills required for success in this competition.  Despite giving it their best effort, the team did not place as they had hoped.  They recognized their shortfalls but did not let that affect their attitude about the competition.
Throughout the following school year, they practiced and trained until it was time to show off their new skills. At the same competition one year later, the now-junior team walked in and showed the judges just how much they had learned. 
This time, they placed 3rd in the competition. But for the team of four, this wasn’t enough – they wanted to earn 1st place.
Now in their senior year, the four boys practiced – in class, on their own, at their jobs – wherever they could learn new things to improve their abilities.
As that weekend in April rolled around once again, the group could not contain their excitement. They reflected on the work they did sophomore and junior year and used those experiences to formulate their plan of action for the competition.
The team drew up their blueprint the night before and got to work the next day. Minus a small lunch break, the four individuals worked together to complete their build in just under five hours.
All of Harford Tech’s SkillsUSA participants cheered for the Team Works team as the announcer declared they had taken home 1st place.
Congratulations, Ryan, Andrew, Kyle (first three pictured below, from left to right), and Joe!