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Maryland Fencing Club ‘attacks’ Bel Air Middle physical education classes

The Maryland Fencing Club recently visited Bel Air Middle School’s sixth, seventh and eighth grade physical education classes to enforce the skill thematic approach to physical education and expose the students to the art of fencing.   Maryland Fencing Club owner Mr. Greg Paye, a certified Moniteur d’ Armes (instructor) in foil, epee’ and saber with the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association, shared his expertise with the students.  Assisting Mr. Paye during his visit was professional fencing referee Ms. Heni Misciagna.


The students quickly learned that fencing is not fighting or sword play, but is all about character building, tradition, ceremony and etiquette.  Mr. Paye and Ms. Heni enhanced the students’ learning curve by focusing on the history of fencing; comparing and contrasting the foil, epee’ and saber; demonstrating offensive and defensive tactics and higher-level fencing refereeing; and providing the opportunity for students to enjoy observing live fencing bouts.


The Maryland Fencing Club is located in Abingdon and is a great educational resource for students in Harford County.