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William S. James Elementary is located at the center of the dynamic, growing community of Box Hill North in Abingdon, Maryland. It is a community school and we continually strive to develop its reputation as the hub for positive, child-centered activities in this neighborhood. Our school has a welcoming staff that makes students want to come to school and put forth their best effort on a daily basis. Our school community has a “student first” mentality and continues to do what is necessary to best prepare students for successful futures.

Student learning takes center stage at William S. James. Our school-wide mission is to “Lead the learning, Live the learning, Love the learning.” Our vision for our school community is:   At William S. James Elementary, we inquire, collaborate, communicate, and persevere to be passionate thinkers and respectful citizens. We are responsible for reaching our fullest potential so that we are prepared to contribute to our global society in the 21st Century. At William S. James Elementary School, our staff takes our mission and vision very seriously and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to help our students reach their fullest potential.

School Improvement Goal Teams, in which groups of teachers work collaboratively to improve instructional practice and meet the learning needs of all students, are part of our embedded staff development process.  The teachers at William S. James Elementary have considerable expertise in analyzing student achievement data and working collaboratively to refine daily instructional practices.  The efforts of our classroom teachers have been augmented by a very capable support staff that includes: a mentor teacher, a reading specialist, three full-time special educators, a part-time gifted and talented teacher, a speech/language pathologist and an experienced guidance counselor.

As a community school, we place great emphasis on creating positive home-school partnerships with all of our families. This process is enhanced by our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and volunteer programs, both of which are very active and supportive of our school in a number of critical ways. We have a very active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which sponsors fundraisers, student recognition activities, and family fun nights.  At William S. James Elementary, we recognize that parents are our students’ first teachers, and we strive to seek their input as our school community moves forward. We strongly believe that it takes an entire community to raise a child.

Welcome to William S. James Elementary, where all strive to learn and grow together!

Rebecca Reese
Proud Principal of William S. James Elementary School

We Learn and Grow Together

Main Phone: 410 638-3900

Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Rebecca M. Reese

Kathleen M. Hobbs

Gwen Benjamin-Jones
Erin Morring

School Data and Characteristics

The Maryland State Department of Education,, provides school-by-school information on the following:

  • Demographics - includes attendance rate, enrollment, student mobility and teacher characteristics.
  • Assessments - includes High School Assessment (HSA) data and/or Maryland School Assessment (MSA data)

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