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Bel Air High School is located, as it has been since the opening of the Bel Air Academy in 1815, in the county seat of Harford County. For 200 years, Bel Air has educated thousands of students who have gone on to further education at the collegiate and technical levels as well as employment and military service.

The students of Bel Air High School have consistently exceeded state and national averages for academic performance.  Approximately 81 percent of our students are University of Maryland high school qualifiers. Upon graduation, an average 85 percent of our students plan to attend college, three percent plan to enter technical or specialized education, and 10 percent plan to enter the work force and/or military.

During the course of four years, Bel Air High School students are able to take 32 classes while accumulating the 26 required for graduation in Maryland. This full-inclusion, comprehensive program provides a variety of academic opportunities including, but not limited to, Advanced Placement (AP) classes in Art, English, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies for nearly one-third of the 1,600-plus students. Of those taking the AP tests, our students achieve a 70 percent success rate. Due to this strong academic focus, Bel Air High School consistently exceeds the local, state and national averages on achievement tests.  Additionally, Bel Air High School is home to a nationally recognized model Biomedical Sciences program that has achieved state and national recognition due to its students’ academic achievements.

In addition to its strong academic focus, Bel Air High School offers nationally recognized art and journalism programs, as well as award-winning vocal and instrumental music and physical education programs. Another highlight of student success is the Bel Air Drama Company (BADC), which has grown from a small group of 15 - 20 interested students to more than 100 students each school year. The BADC performs three or more major productions each year. Not to be outdone, our 15 varsity sports programs produce annual county, regional and state champions in a variety of male and female athletics.

In short, Bel Air High School has a longstanding reputation as one of the finest high schools in the state of Maryland. #BobcatPride


Gregory Komondor

Home of the Bobcats

Main Phone: 410 638-4600
Guidance: (410) 638-4606
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Gregory Komondor

Dr. James T. Lamb
Albert J. Johnson, III
Dr. Helen E. Miller

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