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In three years of operation Patterson Mill High School has quickly established itself as one of the highest scoring high schools in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area as measured by state assessments. A comprehensive high school with grades 9 through 12 PMHS offers the upper level courses, student supports, and extracurricular programs offered by much larger schools while still offering the individual feel of a small school environment. The theme for our school is “Today We Learn…Tomorrow We Lead” and while PMHS has a new facility and state of the art technology it is the quality of the interaction between students, staff, and parents that make our school special.

Our commitment to smaller learning communities, Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s), and the use of data based decision making is focusing on the most effective ways to engage students in a variety of courses and activities. PMHS is developing smaller learning community clusters focused on: Business, Finance and IT; Science, Engineering, and Technology; the media, Arts and Mass Communications; Health and Human Services. Patterson Mill is a Teachers Academy (TAM) site and will look to expand the use of our television studio and graphics labs to develop even more refined learning communities. Teachers are working diligently within their PLC’s to provide our students with the highest quality instruction. PLC's focused on Advanced Placement/Honors, High School Assessments (HSA), Special Education, and the vertical teaming of our middle and high school use data to implement the most effective research based strategies to improve student learning. This school year PMHS will offer a full complement of extracurricular and athletic organizations from varsity football to the National Honor Society. It is our goal to have every student actively involved in one or more extracurricular activities while attending PMHS.

The mission of Patterson Mill High School is to create a rigorous, supportive learning environment where everyone can develop their potential. Through the efforts of our students, parents and staff PMHS is quickly becoming a “Home” where every child can see a bright future! Please feel free to contact us in order to learn more about our school and the many programs we have to offer. “Today we Learn…Tomorrow we Lead!”


Dr. Sean Abel

Today we Learn...Tomorrow we Lead

Main Phone: 410 638-4640

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Dr. Sean W. Abel

Daniel J. Hanzelik
Stacey L. Zengel

School Data and Characteristics

The Maryland State Department of Education,, provides school-by-school information on the following:

  • Demographics - includes attendance rate, enrollment, student mobility and teacher characteristics.
  • Assessments - includes High School Assessment (HSA) data and/or Maryland School Assessment (MSA data)
  • SAT Scores - 2012 SAT mean scores in chart format.
  • Graduation - includes graduation rates and dropout rates, as well as post-secondary plans/intentions for graduates.

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This site is updated annually as data becomes available.

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