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Library media instruction is an essential part of students K-12 educational experience. All curricular areas are supported by library media services. The rapid change in communication technology requires quality library media programs with a wide variety of resources which enable students to access, evaluate, interpret, and apply information from print and nonprint materials. In an effective program, students' experiences with information move away from learning traditional library media location skills taught in isolation. Students learn information literacy skills that are embedded into the curriculum.

Elementary students are taught how to use the library media center and the many types of materials housed there. In addition, basic research elements are introduced at this level.

At the middle school level, the library media curriculum builds upon the skills and concepts taught in the elementary library media centers. Various electronic sources, online databases, general and specialized reference books, and specific organizational tools are introduced. Units of instruction are designed so that students become independent users of media center materials. Cross-curricular units require an integration of accession, location, and retrieval skills with specific research problems in content areas, and students independently compile and analyze materials on specific topics. Students are encouraged to develop the positive attitudes necessary to become life-long readers by choosing reading to gain information and by choosing literature to meet recreational needs.

At the high school level, library media curriculum is an extension of the skills and concepts learned in the elementary and middle school media programs. Students refine their use of accession, location, and retrieval skills while researching specific topics assigned by their content area teachers. Fully integrated concepts are designed to create independent learners who can thrive in an information-based society and who will enter adulthood with the abilities to fulfill their personal and professional needs.

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