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How are classes chosen for the program?
Every HCPS elementary school is invited to participate in the residential outdoor education program.

How many classes attend the residential program each session?
Three or four classes attend each session.  Usually, the classes that attend are from different schools so that children from the same school.  Classroom teachers attend with their homeroom classes.

How much does the program cost?
Children's families are charged for breakfast and lunch only.  Prices are set by the HCPS food service division and pro-rated for those students receiving free or reduced meals. The current prices for these meals are the same as school cafeteria meals. Parents should deposit the money into the HCPS school meal account.

There is no reason for students to bring money to Harford Glen.  Merchandise will be available for parents to purchase from the Harford Glen Foundation on Family Night.  Proceeds go to Harford Glen improvement projects.

What are the Harford Glen facilities like?
There are four lodge units.  Each lodge is equipped with central air conditioning, central heating, and smoke detectors. Bunk beds are equipped with guardrails for the top bunks.  Built into most units are two small drawers, one per student, and a limited amount of space at the head of the bed. Bathroom and shower facilities are in each lodge.

The dining hall accommodates about 125 people.  Meals are served family style.  There are classroom areas under the lodges.  A centralized pavilion is used
 for large group gatherings.  A second smaller pavilion has been built for bird banding activities.

There are two campfire areas and several learning areas classrooms located at various points around the property.  There are about eight miles of trails around Harford Glen.  The fifth graders use only the trails on the east side of Winters Run, near the main camp.  The Harkins Pier is used as an observation area into the wetland. 
The environmental education offices for Harford County Public Schools are located in the Mansion House.  The nurse’s office is located in the Plumtree Run building near the lodges.  Other outside buildings are mainly for storage.  There is a public lavatory and water fountain in the Winter’s Run Building, adjacent to the pavilion. 

Are the facilities adapted for physically challenged students?
Lodges, restroom, shower, and dining hall facilities are built with consideration for wheelchairs.  However, many of the trails are not.  There are some activities on the schedule which could not include a wheelchair.  Activities around the central part of the camp are possible.  Parents of a child needing to use a wheelchair are invited to visit our site to discuss how Harford Glen can work with their child throughout the session.

What kind of medical coverage will there be at Harford Glen?
Registered nurses are scheduled around-the-clock during the residential program.  Harford Glen is not permitted to give students any medication without a doctor’s order.  This includes prescription and non-prescription medicines.  Children cannot bring medicines in their suitcases.  All medicines should be presented to the school nurse the week prior to coming to Harford Glen.  If school has a doctor’s order for medication on file, the nurse can send us a photocopy. 

In the event that a child is sent home due to illness, we always encourage the parent to bring the child back to Harford Glen once the child is feeling better.  If the child is going to see a doctor, we suggest that the doctor is the best one to determine if the child is able to return to Harford Glen.

A Menu can be found at the bottom of this page. If a child has special dietary requirements, parents may send food with their child.  The kitchen staff will need detailed instructions about what to do with the special items sent. The kitchen staff is always informed of food allergies.

Harford Glen has had experiences dealing with a broad variety of medical conditions.  The staff would be happy to discuss specific needs with any family.

How does Harford Glen provide security for students while they are on the property?
A security guard is hired to patrol the lodge area of the camp overnight.  This guard comes on duty at 10:00 P.M. and remains on duty until 6:00 A.M.  The camp gate is closed and locked whenever students are on the property.  All visitors to Harford Glen must use the call box at the gate to contact a Harford Glen staff member and gain access to the property.  Harford Glen will remain closed to the public all school days.


Can my fifth grade student leave for after school activities such as sports practice, music lessons, or scouts?
Due to limited evening staffing and security concerns, students are not permitted to leave the property during the program.  Coaches and activity leaders are usually very understanding about absences when the residential program is explained to them.

What happens if there is an emergency during the program?
Plans for emergencies have been formulated.  In the event of evacuation due to fire or severe storms, the children will be transported to Emmorton Elementary School.  Schools and parents will be notified as soon as possible if that should occur.

Activities at Harford Glen go on rain or shine.  In the event of an electrical storm, alternate “rainy day” activities will take place until the storm has safely passed.

What kinds of preparation activities will occur back at school before the field trip?
Please be aware that the teachers will be asked to do some preparation with their students back at school to be ready to make the most of the days at Harford Glen.  Campfire skits and activities need to be planned and several activities will be completed. 

What will happen on the morning of the trip?
Parents will need to arrange for transportation to school on the morning of the trip.  School busses on their regular morning pick up runs cannot accommodate the additional luggage that the children will bring.
The school will select a central gathering place near the bus loading area for the students to check in on the morning of departure.  Someone will be designated by the school to be on hand to help load luggage. 

Please be sure to have your Parent Response Form turned in on that day.

What happens on the last day of the program?
The last day will end after lunch.  Students will board the busses at 12:30 P.M.  Parents are requested to make arrangements to have their child picked up at school around 1:00 P.M. 

Can I visit or call my child during the program?
One of the goals of the program is to have students gain a sense of independence.  Occasionally there are requests for children to call home every day while in residence.  There are only two telephone lines at Harford Glen and over one hundred people in camp, so it would not be practical to permit this. 

Why are high school counselors involved in the program?


Students from the Harford County public high schools are selected to assist as counselors for the program.  These students come highly recommended by the high school faculties and guidance counselors.  Students must have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. and be in good academic standing.          

A team of counselors will be assigned to the fifth grade classes for program activities. Counselors will also share the lodges with the fifth graders and help to supervise campers during meals.  Counselors are cautioned that the teachers or Harford Glen staff will handle discipline problems.  Teachers and counselors are encouraged to work cooperatively.

Counselors are scheduled to come to Harford Glen for a day of training prior to the opening of the season.  Counseling skills and practice for various activities are emphasized on that day.  High school students do have a curfew and their activities are supervised.

How can parents and guardians learn more about the program?
The Harford Glen staff will schedule pre-trip parent orientations that are open to all participating classes.  The meetings will be held at Harford Glen so the families can see the site.  Lodges, classrooms, and the Dining Hall will be open and a brief orientation meeting will be held. 

A parent handbook will be distributed to families.  This contains a map to Harford Glen, a list of personal equipment children will need to bring, a section concerning supervision and security at Harford Glen, and the Medical History and Medication Permission forms. The Medical History Form contains the parent permission that permits the child’s teacher to bring the child to Harford Glen. 

Can my child come to Harford Glen for the school day and go home each evening?
This program is a residential program.  Therefore, children must spend the night at Harford Glen to participate. 

What happens if there is a family who does not wish to have their child participate in the overnight program?

If you decide that your child should not participate in the residential program, please speak with your principle about acedemic arrangements for your student while his or her class is at Harford Glen.

During the session in which the student’s class is attending the residential program, the child is expected to attend the regular school where he/she will be placed with another fifth grade class, if possible.