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About Harford County Public Schools

The Harford County Public School (HCPS) System is dedicated to providing a quality instructional program to all students. The achievement of this goal is dependent on effective communication with our community. The HCPS web site is one of many tools we have instituted to achieve our communication goals. As a community, Harford County is fortunate to boast a cooperative relationship with the parents, local government, and the business community. These collaborative partnerships have the potential to serve our student population in ways that the school system cannot do alone.

As you browse the content of this web site you will learn about system-wide programs and services and the individual schools within our system. The school profile format informs the public of the demographics related to each individual school. Understanding our schools allows parents and the community to best work in partnership with them in achieving success for all students. Through your interaction with the various elements of this web site you will obtain evidence of the successful performance of the HCPS System. Schools should satisfy a community’s reasonable expectation that they are performing in a manner that allows students to achieve academic success.

In search for the desired excellence in our schools, the Board of Education of Harford County, the Office of the Superintendent, and all central curriculum and operations offices work together to focus on the needs of our schools. The updating of information on this web site will allow the public to stay current with the cyclical process of budget development, enrollment projections, school performance indicators, public meetings, and other topics of public interest.