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Partnership Network

The HCPS Partnership Network offers opportunities for teachers, businesses, and community agencies to build partnerships that will enhance students’ experiences and build bridges of understanding and positive working relationships between the business and education community.

The Partnership Network is designed as an on-going process in which businesses/organizations provide services to the selected school(s), or the school(s) provide services to the businesses/ organizations. The partnerships share a common goal and commit to working together in a positive relationship. Each partnership is unique and includes a high standard of collaboration. Therefore, the program is based solely on the needs and resources of the school and business/organization. Cost and time commitments also vary from partnership to partnership.

The Partnership Network continually addresses new partners, facilitates matches, and handles questions, concerns and organizational matters.

Three Ways to Partner with HCPS

  • Human Resources: Volunteering time to a school or program on an ongoing or one-time basis
  • In-kind Donations: Donation of goods or services
  • Financial Resources: Financial support through a donation to a school or the district

If your organization is interested in securing an ongoing partnership with HCPS schools, consider submitting a proposal through the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process. Our goal is to secure ongoing partners who will help our students and schools thrive. HCPS is vetting and approving community-based organizations (for profit and non-profit) entities that can provide high-quality age and developmentally appropriate programming for children and adults including character education, service learning, mentoring, family engagement, and physical/emotional wellness activities.

2022-2023 Business Advisory Partners:

APGFCU Bravura Chic-Fil-A Cintas Harford Credit Union Harford Bank Ironbirds Merill Lynch Safe Harbors Business Travel Strategic Alliance Truist USB Water's Edge