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Multicultural Education

Education That Is Multicultural (ETM) is infused throughout all curricular areas and grade levels in Harford County Public Schools. ETM is a continuous, integrated, multiethnic, multidisciplinary process for educating all students about diversity and commonality while providing instruction in ways that ensure success for all. ETM prepares students to live, learn, interact, and work creatively in an interdependent global society by fostering mutual appreciation and respect. It is a process which is complemented by community and parent involvement.

The Maryland Education That Is Multicultural ByLaw provides guidance for ETM implementation in the areas of curriculum, instruction, instructional resources, staff development, and climate. The HCPS Pre-K-12 curriculum provides an understanding and appreciation for cultural groups while recognizing and valuing commonalities and differences within the American culture. Instructional activities recognize and appreciate students' cultural identities, learning styles, and multiple intelligences while maintaining high expectations for all. Instructional materials represent society as multicultural and avoid stereotyping, discrimination, bias, and prejudice. HCPS professional and support staff receive ETM staff development to better meet the needs of students while raising achievement for all and eliminating achievement gaps where they exist.

Education That Is Multicultural fosters a school and classroom climate in which all students feel valued and respected. In this collaborative atmosphere, greater success for individual students is possible.