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In elementary music, students are taught the fundamentals of music: rhythms, melody, harmony, form, tone color, dynamics, and tempo. These musical elements are organized as points of departure for students to learn about musical aesthetics, history and culture, performance, and the process used to critique and analyze. Activities include singing, playing instruments, listening, moving to music, reading music, and creating music.

At the middle school level, music is taught during a single grading period. Each grade's curriculum has a performance and a conceptual focus. In sixth grade, students learn to play the keyboard and study the role of music in their lives. In seventh grade, students learn guitar and study American music and its roots. Eighth grade students engage in such activities as keyboard playing, guitar playing, dance, musical theater, or music sequencing using a computer. At the same time, students study musical and musically-related careers.

In high school, students may elect to participate in a number of performing ensembles including orchestra, band, and choir. High schools offer piano and guitar classes and may offer music theory, listening, Theater and Film, or 20th Century Popular Music classes which focus on experiencing music in a way that benefits each individual. Aesthetics, history and culture, performance, and critique and analysis are studied in depth.

Instrumental music begins in grade four and continues through grade twelve. This is an elective program in which all instruments of the band and orchestra are taught. The focus is on individual skill development and performance.

How do I contact the Office of Music?
Office of Music:
102 South Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone: 410-588-5277 or 410-588-5273
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Mr. Jeffrey Winfield