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Havre de Grace Elementary School empowers students to value lifelong learning and become leaders who take pride in themselves and their community. This not only states the school’s vision, but also defines how we operate on a daily basis.

Students are greeted every morning by staff members that line the lobby with smiles, hugs, upbeat music, and an outpouring of love.  For some of the students, this is their first opportunity to feel safe and secure.  This is also an opportunity for students to learn deportment skills.  Students as young as four and five learn how to look people in the eye, shake hands, and hold conversations.

As students transition down the brightly painted hallways, they enter into themed classrooms that are designed to engage students for learning the moment they walk into the room.  Whether they become Peter Pan whisked away to Neverland, enter into a Ravens nest, or sit sweetly in a Candy Shop, each room has been uniquely designed by the teacher.

On any given day, when one walks into a classroom at the “Grace,” they will be greeted with an experience unlike anything they have ever seen.  Students are immersed in authentic learning experiences that allow them to think of new possibilities that only exist or happen in their mind. From standing on the battle field of the Revolutionary War to solving a crime in a forensic laboratory, students at Havre de Grace are encouraged to find the purpose in all that they learn in order to connect their learning to making a difference in this world. 

Creativity extends beyond the physical atmosphere, as instruction is uniquely designed to meet the needs of individual students.  Havre de Grace Elementary believes the best intervention is a classroom teacher. A teacher who is able to use data to analyze and inform instruction, who can create plans that are engaging and rich in content based on those needs, who reflects on their own practices in order to seek continual improvement, and who never settles for anything less than the best for each individual child.  They believe that ALL children deserve an educational plan that is tailored to their specific needs, delivered by a high quality teacher who knows and cares for them. 

Because of these innovative approaches, Havre de Grace Elementary has become a model at the county, state and national levels.  Many schools have begun sending their teachers to Havre de Grace Elementary to see firsthand these initiatives in action and how they benefit student achievement. As these initiatives have been put into place, Havre de Grace Elementary has seen a drastic improvement in behavior data, an increase in family/community engagement, and high levels of teacher satisfaction.  All of this sets the stage for their continual quest for academic success.

The faculty, staff, students, parents and community share a vision – one that empowers students to value lifelong learning and to become leaders who take pride in themselves and their community.  Havre de Grace Elementary School prides themselves in four specific areas:  are student engagement, rigor, differentiation, and student celebration. These elements contribute to the positive culture and climate of the school that leads directly to student achievement.

We are a proud Title I School! We are the Little Warriors!

Ronald C. Wooden, Jr.

Home of the Little Indians

Main Phone: 410 939-6616

Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
PreK a.m. session - 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
PreK p.m. session - 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Ronald C. Wooden

Jennifer N. Gasdia

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