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Aberdeen High School’s (AHS) philosophy of education recognizes and responds to our community of diverse learners with consideration to the demands of an increasingly complex and constantly changing technological society. The beliefs and daily operations of the school hinge upon the necessity of life-long learning in a spirit of cooperation among students, community, and academic leaders.

Although housed in a new and modern facility, AHS has a long and distinguished history of excellence. The AHS Hall of Fame, situated along the Hall of Fame Boulevard, is a lasting illustration of that excellence. At Aberdeen High School, the School of Math, Science and Technology recognizes and responds to our diverse students with consideration to the demands of an increasingly complex and constantly changing technology society. The School of Humanities, Performing and Visual Arts recognizes that our students possess their unique qualities of creative expression.

Additionally, the Science and Mathematics Academy magnet school is located in Aberdeen High School, and provides unique opportunities for students in terms of its program and its access to technology. Students are invited to join the Science and Mathematics Academy based on an application process conducted during the winter of each year.

The school year is divided into two semesters of 18 weeks each. Students take courses within a rotating A/B block schedule.


Science and Mathematics Academy

The Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School opened its doors to its first class of freshman in the Fall of 2004. The Academy began with a concept proposed by the Army Alliance and other science professionals associated with Aberdeen Proving Ground. Federal, state and local funds have supported the effort to bring this unique educational opportunity to students and staff.

The program provides students with the opportunity to experience challenging coursework in science, mathematics, and technology with an emphasis on research and real world application. Regular contact with practicing scientists and mathematicians is a cornerstone of the program and seniors will complete a capstone project of original research under the mentorship of professionals in their chosen area of investigation.

Please visit the Official Web Site of the Science and Mathematics Academy for a complete listing and description of all programs, academic coursework, student and parent organizations, services, athletics, activities, news and events.

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Main Phone: 410 273-5500
Guidance: (410) 273-5585 or 5586
Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Michael L. Quigg

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