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Teacher of the Year Blog


Teacher of the Year Blog
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Welcome to RTOHC, Real Teachers of Harford County 2018  Summer Edition!
Here's how we do SUMMER!

Deanna Smith: "I just returned from a relaxing vacation in Emerald Isle, NC. We spent a week with 25 dear family members in this amazing beach house! I learned to paddle board, rode the waves and enjoyed quality beach time. I am spending the remainder of the summer focusing on building family and friend relationships. I am so excited to meet Dawn’s new baby girl, celebrate Amanda’s final chemo treatment, hear about Nicole’s latest adventures, and continue enjoying my teaching family with Paula at BAHS!"


 Nicole Shank: "Doing another thing I love--summer women's lacrosse and enjoying boat life."


Amanda Roberts: "I'm enjoying life post-chemo! I;m spending time with my kiddos and my Superman of a husband.  She is our superhero, and so is her hubby!

Dawn Stone: "I'm doing a stay at home and relax thing. We tried a quick trip to the beach. The girls did get me to parasail for the first time. Check out their faces!"