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Elementary physical education curriculum is based upon students' motor, cognitive, social, and emotional development at each grade level. Five themes which represent major movement concepts are central to the program: locomotor skills, manipulative skills, non-manipulative skills, integrated movement, and personal fitness. Through structured, sequential learning experiences, students develop motor skills and an understanding of major fitness, safety, and physical activity concepts. Each student is encouraged to work to his/her potential while practicing and problem solving, both independently and with others. Informal and formal assessments occur regularly and are used to share progress with students and guide teachers as they adjust instruction to benefit each individual. Through successful participation in the elementary physical education program, students begin to acquire the concepts, competencies, and confidence which motivate regular participation in enjoyable and healthful physical activities.

The middle school physical education curriculum focuses on each student's continuous development of physical fitness attributes and movement skills. Five themes are central to the program: fitness integrated (coordinated) movement, striking, throwing and catching, and group initiatives. The actual activities used to address seven physical education performance standards, that stress physical, social, and intellectual development, vary each year. Both formal and informal procedures are used regularly to assess the students' sports skill performances and knowledge. Students are given opportunities to develop leadership and to work in small groups to solve problems or accomplish tasks. Diverse capabilities and social needs of individual students are addressed in the physical education program. Through purposeful learning activities, students are guided to refine motor, social, and intellectual skills which promote a fit and active lifestyle for the future.

The high school physical education program is directed by three essential goals for each student: 1) attaining a level of personal fitness; 2) using technology to design and implement a personal fitness program based on scientific principles; and, 3) developing proficiency in selected motor skill activities for personal satisfaction and continued activity commitment. These goals are crucial to lifetime wellness. One credit of physical education is required for graduation.

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Office of Adapted Physical Education


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Office of Physical Education:
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How do I contact the Office of Adapted Physical Education?
Office of Adapted Physical Education:
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