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World Languages
"With languages, you are at home anywhere" - Edmund de Waal

The goal of the department of World Languages is to empower our multilingual learners to become global citizens who are academically, linguistically, and culturally equipped for success in school and beyond.


The mission of the World Language Program is to provide asset-based linguistic, academic, and socio-emotional support to our multilingual learners and their families to ensure equitable, culturally relevant, appropriate, and inclusive educational practices and opportunities for all.

Our beliefs and values surrounding World Language instruction are to:
  • Foster Language Proficiency: We aim to instill a love for languages and ensure students attain fluency in their chosen languages, enabling them to communicate effectively in diverse global contexts.
  • Cultivate Cultural Understanding: We strive to develop cultural competence, encouraging students to appreciate the richness of global cultures, traditions, and perspectives while embracing diversity.
  • Promote Global Citizenship: We empower students to become responsible, engaged, and globally aware citizens who can contribute positively to our interconnected world.
  • Support Lifelong Learning: We provide resources and opportunities for ongoing language acquisition and cultural exploration, ensuring that our students are prepared for lifelong language and cultural enrichment.
  • Collaborate and Innovate: We collaborate with educators, parents, and the community to continuously innovate our curriculum and teaching methodologies, ensuring the highest quality language education.
  • Provide Opportunities: World Language Students in Harford County Public Schools will have the opportunity to acquire Intermediate Proficiency in World Languages and the Seal of Biliteracy.

Through these endeavors, we envision a future where our students become ambassadors of understanding, forging meaningful connections across borders, and contributing to a more inclusive and harmonious world.

Maryland Page Program
COMAR 13.A.04.11.01 Programs in World Languages: World Languages (
Marlyand State Department of Education Seal of Biliteracy: Secondary Education / Maryland Seal of Biliteracy (
American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages

The Harford County Public Schools World Language Program is aligned with ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Connections, Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, and Communities.

ACTFL | World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
HCPS Level I-IV Curriculum Overview
Exploratory/Discovery Language Scope
Level I Language:
Spanish   Scope
French   Scope
German   Scope
Level II Language:
Spanish   Scope
French   Scope
German   Scope
Level III Language:
Spanish   Scope
French   Scope
German   Scope
Level IV Language:
Spanish   Scope
French   Scope
German   Scope
Advanced Placement Course Information:
International Baccalaureate Information:
Global Studies Program and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (

For more information on world languages, contact:
Supervisor of English Language Learners and World Languages
102 South Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD 21014