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High School Athletes Greet Elementary School Students to Start Their Day
What does an elementary school do to excite kids about coming to school?  They reach out to the area’s high school athletic department, of course.  Hall’s Cross Roads and Bakerfield Elementary school are using creative ways to excite their kids about coming to school.

Since the Fall Season, the Athletic Director at Aberdeen High School, Tim Lindecamp has been taking groups of in season athletes to local elementary schools to welcome students for the day.  Groups of Aberdeen  student-athletes in their uniforms go to the elementary schools first thing in the morning to get kids off the bus, walk them to school, and assist in the car drop- off line.

The first time was a quick turnaround, so Mr. Lindecamp went to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting and got those athletes in attendance to buy in. Once there was buy-in and the word got out, coaches were excited to nominate their athletes who were good school citizens and maintaining all passing grades to be part of this opportunity.

“The students get so excited. We form a tunnel with high fives as they enter the building. The biggest piece is just talking to the kids when you're walking with them,” Mr. Lindecamp continues, "Remember where you came from.  I’m still an Aberdeen kid at heart."

Elementary school students are not the only ones who get something out of this.  The student-athletes walk away with an appreciation for their community and a sense of how influential they can be to those who look up to them as role models.  Lia Lucas sums it up like this, “To walk with Halls Cross Road students is truly an amazing experience that is hard to put in words. As an athlete you have a built-in community with your team, but I’ve realized that it is a privilege that I’ve taken for granted. As I walk with these kids, I am so happy to be part of a positive community created for them, so that they can be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.”