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Citizen Advisory Committees

The Board of Education of Harford County seeks to review information, provide for systemic community input, study the budgetary and educational impact of programs and mandates on students and the school system, as well as to explore options on the issues and action-requests that come before the Board. To help to achieve these ends, the Board has established five citizen advisory committees as outlined below:

Budget Advisory Committee
Coordinator: Mr. Robert Frisch 410-588-5347
The Board of Education of Harford County (the "Board") has established a Budget Citizen Advisory Committee (the "Committee") with responsibilities and specific duties in providing input on an advisory basis to the Board as it considers the adoption of Harford County Public Schools Annual Budget by recommending ways to improve the budget, the budgeting process and its presentation to the community.
The purpose of this Committee is to provide input on an advisory basis to the Board as it considers the adoption of Harford County Public Schools Annual Budget by recommending ways to improve the btudget, the budgeting process and its presentation to the community. The Committee has no authority other than in an advisory role and will serve at the sole discretion of the Board. It is the role and sole prerogative of the Board to enact policy. The Committee is expected to offer observations and recommendations to the Board concerning the budget and the budgetary process.

Career and Technology Education
Coordinator: Mr. Robert Limpert 410-588-5244
Members of the Career and Technology Education Citizen Advisory Council serve as advisors, advocates, and reviewers for Career and Technology Education Programs, which prepare students for further education and careers in current and emerging professions. The Council solicits participation from individuals representing businesses in the ten Maryland Career Clusters.
Evaluate the adequacy of the Career and Technology Education programs being offered in all high schools in terms of meeting both student and workforce needs, investigate non-traditional funding sources to support CTE programs, and monitor the progression of apprenticeship/internship programs.

Family Life Education
Coordinator: Mr. Kilo Mack (410-588-5274)
This committee participates with the school system's Family Life Education Committee in decisions regarding materials to be used in the kindergarten through twelfth grade educational program on Family Life and Human Development and HIV/AIDS prevention.
Evaluate the Family Life and Human Development Education program in Grades K-12 in terms of compliance with the State Standards for Comprehensive Health Education and investigate possible delivery models for realigned family life education content in grades four and five.

Gifted Education
Coordinator: Dr. Peter Carpenter 410-588-5354
The Gifted Education Committee discusses and reviews the impact of the Gifted Education Program on higher student achievement.
Study the research surrounding giftedness and twice exceptionality (2E) and recommend ways to infuse best practices into the manner in which we service identified students.

Safety and Security
Coordinator: Mr. Donoven Brooks 410-638-4242
This committee provides input into program improvements and initiatives in the school system. It reviews existing procedures pertaining to safety and security.
The Committee respectfully requests to pursue the following areas of study during the school year:
  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of critical incident plans for a minimum of nine schools to include three elementary, three middle, and three high. This review will assess if the plans meet the needs of that specific school.
  2. Research other school district’s critical incident response options for school staff, teachers, and students.

Special Education
Coordinator: Mr. Michael Thatcher 410-588-5246
The Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee (SECAC) operates as a partnership between parents and families, community leaders and organizations, educators and HCPS leadership in support of the needs of children with disabilities. No application process is needed to participate on SECAC.
To explore the continuum of programs for students with disabilities in HCPS and make suggestions for enhancements, as appropriate.