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Board of Education of Harford County

A.A. Roberty Building
102 S. Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, Maryland 21014
Telephone: 410-838-7300 FAX: 410-638-4051
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MondayJune 242024

Board Open Session: 4:30 PM - Board Room
Board Closed Session: 4:35 PM - Board Executive Conference Room
Board Business Meeting: 6:00 PM - Board Room
*Times are approximate
6:00 PM
Call to Order: Board President
Quorum Roll Call
Adoption of Agenda
Pledge of Allegiance
6:05 PM A.

2024-2025 Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils - Student Officers Swearing In Ceremony

6:25 PM

Public Comments

7:10 PM

Board Member Comments

7:25 PM

Old Business

7:30 PM B.

Consent Agenda


Contract Award:  Wood Floor Refinishing and Repair


Contract Award:  Manufacturer Direct Cereal Products


Contract Award:  Cafeteria Equipment


Contract Award:  Milk and Dairy Products


Contract Award:  Vehicle Upfitting Services


Contract Award:  Dreambox Seat License Renewal


Contract Award:  Microsoft Campus Renewal


Appointment of Audit Committee Member


Office of Internal Audit - FY2024 Annual Update


Office of Internal Audit - FY2025 Audit Plan

7:35 PM
New Business
7:40 PM C.

Decision on Administrative and Supervisory Appointments and Positions, Mr. Ben Richardson, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

7:50 PM D.

Decision on Proposed, Revised, Renamed Board Policy 0022-000 Student Behavior Intervention - Use of Physical Restraint and Exclusion, Ms. Stephanie Swisher, Coordinator Special Education, Mr. Joe Harbert, Director of Health and Wellness, and Lauren R. Driver, Esq., Deputy General Counsel

8:10 PM E.

Decision on Social Science Curriculum Updates, Ms. Erin Lange, Supervisor of Science, Ms. Heather Kutcher, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and Mr. Andrew Renzulli, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

8:30 PM

Meeting Break

8:40 PM F.

Decision on 2024 Educational Facilities Master Plan and Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, Dr. Sean Bulson, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Cornell Brown, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, Ms. Patti Jo Beard, Executive Director of Facilities Management, Mr. Chris Morton, Supervisor of Planning and Construction, and Ms. Missy Valentino, Facilities Planner

9:00 PM G.

Presentation on Proposed Revisions to Board Policy 02-0036-000 Dress Code, Dr. Paula Stanton, Supervisor of Equity and Cultural Proficiency and Ms. Katie Ridgway, Director of Strategic Initiatives

9:20 PM H.

Presentation of Proposed Revisions to Board Policy 20-0038-000 Public Information Act Requests, Lauren R. Driver, Esq., Deputy General Counsel

9:40 PM I.
Superintendent's Report
9:50 PM

Future Meetings Review


Date Time Place Event
MondayJuly 152024 6:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Business Meeting
MondayJuly 152024 5:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Open Session
MondayAugust 122024 6:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Business Meeting
MondaySeptember 92024 6:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Business Meeting
MondaySeptember 232024 6:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Business Meeting
MondayOctober 212024 6:00 PM Harford County Public Schools, A.A. Roberty Building, Board Room Board Business Meeting

To request disability-related reasonable accommodations, please call 410-838-7300 voice, 7-1-1 TTY or e-mail at least three days prior to the meeting/event. This document is available in alternative form upon request.
The Harford County Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age in employment or programs or activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding HCPS non-discrimination policies should be directed to Paula Stanton, Manager of Equity and Cultural Proficiency, 410-809-6065.

Harford County Board of Education Strategic Plan:
Goal 1: Prepare every student for success in postsecondary education and career.
Goal 2: Engage families and the community to be partners in the education of our students.
Goal 3: Hire and support highly effective staff who are committed to building their own professional capacity in order to increase student achievement.
Goal 4: Provide safe, secure, and healthy learning environments that are conducive to effective teaching and learning, creativity and innovation.
Board business meetings are recorded and aired by Harford Cable Network
Dr. Sean W. BulsonSuperintendent of Schools and Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Aaron Poynton, President Appointed Member-at-Large
Melissa L. Hahn, Vice-President, Elected Member, Councilmanic District D
Diane M. Alvarez, Elected Member, Councilmanic District F
Carol P. Bruce, Elected Member, Councilmanic District E
Terri Kocher, Appointed Member-at-Large
Dr. Carol L. Mueller, Elected Member, Councilmanic District C
Denise E. Perry, Elected Member, Councilmanic District A
Madina A. Sabirova, Student Board Member
Wade A. Sewell, Elected Member, Councilmanic District B
Lauren Paige Strauss, Appointed Member-at-Large
Yvonne RalloBoard of Education Administrative Support Coordinator