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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions Archive

Frequently Asked Questions Archive

  1. Are the Recommended Learning Experiences required for all students?

    No, students are not required to complete the Recommended Learning Experiences.  However, during this time of extended school closure, the Recommended Learning Experiences are intended to provide HCPS students the opportunity to continue their learning in order to meet grade band and content standards. 

    Teachers will use the completed Recommended Learning Experiences, existing assignments from third quarter, or other teacher-generated assignments.  Individual teachers and parents/guardians have the flexibility to adjust the learning experiences to best meet student needs. 

    Parents/guardians may alter the work for their children based on the suggested accommodations and modifications contained in the Recommended Learning Experiences, as well as find other types of learning that address the Essential Questions/Enduring Understandings included in the materials.  These other learning experiences can be included in the completion grade for students.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  2. How will completed work be collected?

    Due to health and safety concerns during this time, paper copies of completed work cannot be accepted.  Completed work may be uploaded to a digital site created by a teacher or submitted to a teacher via email.  If parents/guardians are unable to send an electronic copy of their child’s work, teachers will accept a verbal confirmation of completion of work by their student.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  1. What if my student does not/cannot submit any work during this time period?

    HCPS understands that some parents/guardians may be caring for family members and/or working as essential staff in the community.  HCPS also understands that students may not be able to complete work during this time period for a variety of reasons.  The intention of the Recommended Learning Experiences is not to create additional stress for families but to allow for continued student learning; therefore, students who are unable to submit any work during this time period will earn the third quarter grade(s) they had as of March 13.

    Last Updated 4/2/2020

  2. When will students be able to see their projected grades for third quarter?

    Projected third quarter grades will be posted on the Home Access Center, accessible from, on Friday, April 3. 

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  3. What opportunity do students have to improve their grades after seeing the projections on April 3?

    Students who are not satisfied with their projected grade(s) may work directly with their teachers on acceptable ways to improve their grades during the third quarter extension.  It is expected that teachers are flexible and deliberate in helping students to earn a fair grade based on the work of each student.  Students should be given additional opportunities for completion of missing work or alternative work, such as the completion of the Recommended Learning Experiences.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  4. Are there ‘weights’ to any of the Recommended Learning Experiences assignments?

    No, there are no weights associated with the Recommended Learning Experiences.  Teachers maintain discretion regarding the impact that completed student work has on the overall quarter grade.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  5. Will the third quarter/second semester be extended?

    Yes, the schedule for third quarter is as follows:

    • April 3: Teachers required to update grades.
    • April 9: Third quarter is extended by two weeks.
    • April 14: Fourth quarter begins. 
    • April 24: Final grades posted to TAC/HAC.

    Procedures for fourth quarter are still under consideration at the state level and will be communicated to teachers as soon as possible.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

  1. How can my child receive help on the Recommended Learning Experiences?

    To whatever extent possible, teachers will try to assist their students as needed.  The learning resources are not designed for interactive learning between a teacher and student.  Teachers will continue to reach out and attempt to make contact individually with students and parents/guardians to give every opportunity of ensuring grades are the best and most generous possible.

    Last Updated 4/1/2020

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