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Gifted Education Program

The Harford County Public School System believes that students are bright in many different ways. Educators have a responsibility to identify and nurture the gifts and talents of all students through acceleration and enrichment. Educators seek to effectively identify and enhance the development of outstanding potential and capability within the diverse student population. Multiple sources are used to match students to appropriate learning options and students are encouraged to nominate themselves for participation in activities which emphasize high levels of challenge or talent development.

The program emphasizes a collaborative effort that includes classroom teachers and specialized personnel trained in gifted and talented education. The effort often directly involves administrators, parents, and community resource persons, as well. All students are given the opportunity for enrichment experiences, and students showing unusual potential or distinctive areas of strength and interest have the opportunity for additional assistance to develop these areas of unusual capability. Depth and complexity of curriculum may also need to be enriched, using such methods as interdisciplinary glearning, tiered assignments, independent investigations, project learning, interest centers and groups, mentoring, and opportunities to work outside of the classroom. It is important to note that enrichment, when considered as a differentiated strategy for gifted students, takes place instead of completing assignments in the regular curriculum.

Services for bright students emphasize broad-based knowledge acquisition and problem solving, tailoring unique learning opportunities to the strengths and needs of each child. Acceleration and enrichment options for individuals and groups of students will vary from school to school, as they are responsive to needs of students in each population and in the context of the general education programs at each building. At the secondary level, options include advanced placement courses, honors courses, independent study, and early college courses.

Our Mission

Students performing at remarkably high levels, when compared with their peers, or who show potential to do so, will be provided with rigorous differentiated services that meet their needs through active collaboration with stakeholders.

Special Recognition

EGATE SCHOOLS: Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education

egate Harford County Public Schools is proud to be home to three of the state’s EGATE award winning schools recognized for their gifted and talented programs. EGATE is an awards program to recognize public schools with Gifted and Talented education programs that are aligned with Maryland’s Criteria for Excellence: Gifted and Talented Program Guidelines.

  • Halls Cross Roads Elementary, 2010 
    Principal: Ms. Gwen Benjamin-Jones GT Teacher: Ms. Marcia Cole

  • Prospect Mill Elementary, 2011
    Principal: Mr. Chris Cook GT Teacher: Ms. Mary Murray

  • Hickory Elementary, 2012
    Principal: Ms. Jeannette Jennings GT Teacher: Ms. Verna Hiser

PSAT Registration

Students wishing to take the PSAT on Saturday, October 15, 2022, will have the opportunity to register for the assessment beginning August 31, 2022. The PSAT is an optional assessment administered by the College BOard to expose students to the SAT, an assessment used for college admissions, and under Maryland Senate Bill 740, College and Career Readiness Designation. Saturday, October 15, 2022, will be the only date that the assessment will be administered for Harford County Public Schools' students.

The PSAT is also used to identify students who may experience success in Advanced Placement courses in high school. For more information about PSAT, please visit:

Registration and Payment Procedure:
  • For the 2022-2023 school year, the PSAT testing will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2022. The assessment is optional. October 15, 2022 will be the only date that HCPS students can take the assessment. Your student will take the assessment at the school in which they attend. Additional information regarding testing times will be forthcoming.

  • To register and make payment for the PSAT, please visit your student's school's webpage and register through the Total Registration Online link provided. Paying for the assessment also registers your student for the test. Please note:
    1. All payments must be made by credit card. If you cannot provide a credit card for payment, please contact your student's school counselor.
    2. The cost for taking the PSAT will be $20.00. Payments are not refundable once collected

  • Payment and registration for the PSAT will open for each high school on August 31, 2022, and will close at 4:00 PM Monday September 12, 2022. Registrations for the assessment will not be accepted after 4:00 PM on September 12, 2022. Students cannot take the PSAT if payment is not received by September 12, 2022.

  • Fee waivers are available to students who have been approved for Free and Reduced Meals (FaRMS). Please note:
    1. Students requesting a testing waiver will register through Total Registration Online located on their school's webpage. Check the waiver designation information located in the registration information.
    2. Students who qualify for waivers are maintained in strict confidence by the principal or his/her designee.
    3. For questions about registration and waivers, please see your student's school counselor.

Additional Information:
  • Testing fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. Payments should not be made until students are certain that they will test.

  • Once payment is made through Total Registration Online, a roster of students taking the test will be generated. This roster will be used as confirmation that the student is registered for the assessment.

Should you have any additional questions about the PSAT or testing, please contact your student’s school counselor.


Please register for your child to take the PSAT on your school's home page. Students must take the PSAT at the school they attend. Please have your credit card ready.

  • Aberdeen High School: Click HERE
  • Bel Air High School: Click HERE
  • C. Milton Wright High School: Click HERE
  • Edgewood High School: Click HERE
  • Fallston High School: Click HERE
  • Harford Technical High School: Click HERE
  • Havre de Grace High School: Click HERE
  • Joppatowne High School: Click HERE
  • North Harford High School: Click HERE
  • Patterson Mill High School: Click HERE

Parent Guide for Gifted and Talented Education

Looking for more information about our identification processes and procedures? Please refer to our "Parent Guide for Gifted and Talented Education" for more information.

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