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The early childhood program, comprised of prekindergarten and kindergarten, provides the foundation for students' school success by helping them acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward learning needed to meet the challenges of first grade. All areas of the prekindergarten and kindergarten curriculum introduce young children to the content areas, methodologies, expectations and outcomes of formal schooling, a nd give considerable attention to children's personal, social, and emotional development. As students engage in age-appropriate, hands-on, thematic activities in health, social studies, science, mathematics, physical education, and the language and fine arts, they learn how to learn, solve problems, and make friends. Learning through direct experiences nurtures self-esteem and fosters desire for increasing competence.

The early childhood program places a strong emphasis on development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Concepts about print, books and stories are taught directly and incorporated into all aspects of the daily schedule, giving students numerous opportunities for literacy interactions which are meaningful and authentic. By the time students exit the early childhood program, they are expected to be able to read 25-30 books, tell and retell stories, write age-appropriately, and communicate orally to describe experiences, share and support ideas, sustain social interactions, and solve problems.

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